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AutoCAD is used to create 2D or 3D drawings and architectural models. Its design features include data management tools, functions such as CAD (computer-aided design), DFM (design for manufacturing), DDC (design data control), DWG (drawing) and DWF (drawing/printing), rendering, programming tools, and the ability to read and import native or non-native file formats and 2D and 3D modeling formats.

AutoCAD is used by engineers, architects, contractors, civil and mechanical designers, and utility and transportation planners. According to the company, AutoCAD is the “world’s most widely used CAD software.”


AutoCAD was first introduced in 1982 and was the first major software product released by Autodesk.

AutoCAD’s development was spurred by the release of the IBM PC in 1981 and the Apple II microcomputer in 1984. Initially a commercial user interface product for the Xerox (and later a start-up company, Exploratory), AutoCAD was released as a desktop application and was later ported to Apple II. Within months of its release, AutoCAD was one of the top-selling Macintosh apps, in spite of the fact that the Macintosh had no commercialized graphics hardware at the time. This early success led Autodesk to start producing and selling the software for general computing platforms.

AutoCAD has been available in two major iterations: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 2004, as well as for the Mac in 1992, followed by AutoCAD 2005 in 1995. AutoCAD LT was available for Windows until 2008 when it was succeeded by AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2004 and 2005 were discontinued in 2018.

AutoCAD 2012 and 2013 were retired in favor of AutoCAD LT 2 and AutoCAD LT 3, respectively, as they included new features such as 3D modeling. These releases were later renamed AutoCAD 2017 and 2018. AutoCAD LT 2019 was discontinued in favor of AutoCAD LT 2020. The latest release, AutoCAD LT 2020, features 3D design.


Autodesk AutoCAD released AutoCAD LT for Windows XP on August 23, 2008, a few weeks before Windows XP support officially ended. Autodesk said the last update to AutoCAD LT 2009 will come in mid-2013 and no more updates will be made after that. The last update to AutoC

AutoCAD License Code & Keygen

The AutoCAD command line interface (CLI), which includes ‘batch commands’, allows to work with one or more drawings. In addition, the command line can be used to generate or run macros.

Autodesk Inventor is a digital representation and fabrication tool, similar to AutoCAD.

Command bars
The user interface consists of command bars, each of which contains a number of items. These bars can be resized and relocated with the “bars” command.

AutoCAD’s command bar system is different from that of other CAD systems: it is not possible to define a new command-bar style, for example, because command bars are always standardized, and cannot be changed (or even added). Each command bar is named with a name, and that is where it gets its style. However, there is a third bar style that is called “Default Command Bar”. This is the standard bar used in the menu, and it uses the same style as any other command bar. It is possible to change the color of the Default command bar (for example), but not the entire command bar style (unlike other CAD systems).

There are also several “tileable” command bars that can be used on top of the default command bar. These are commands that can be grouped and moved.

Command bars are used to display a number of predefined commands, including shortcuts for predefined functionality, and some predefined commands are also shown in the menus (such as ‘Sketch’ and ‘View’). However, users can also create custom command bars.

Command bars can be changed via the “bars” command in the preferences.

A filter is a view of data in AutoCAD. It can be used for filtering drawings, tables, blocks, or layers. For example, it can be used for choosing the view of drawing items that meet a certain criteria. A filter can be used as a view, or as a filter. Filters are described with the filter command.

Filters can be used in various ways:
In conjunction with a view, to restrict the view to a specific set of data
As a filter when a view is in use (in order to ‘free up’ the screen)
As a filter in a view when creating a new view

In Autodesk Inventor, filters are called plant parts.


AutoCAD includes the ability to write macros,


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About Autocad 2014 Crack Keygen

Autocad 2014 Crack is a powerful 3D CAD software program which is designed for creating 2D and 3D drawings. You can design, trace, and create drawings to give an accurate representation of your idea. Also, Autocad is one of the best design software. Moreover, it helps you to create cross-sections and illustrations with various tools. Autocad is also called as AutoCAD or Auto CAD. This is also a reliable CAD software.

Autocad is easy to use but powerful. It gives you the easiest way to create a 3D model. Autocad is not only available on desktop but also on iOS and Android. You can also download Autocad 2012 from the official site.

Autocad is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. And, it includes both the source and the programming language to create and edit. It gives you the best 3D modeling for your dream.

Autocad 2014 Key Features

Design and create advanced 3D models.

Draw, analyze, print, and share your drawings.

Import and edit DWG, DXF, and DGN files.

Make changes to your drawing by using the tools and commands.

It has all the essential components to create amazing results.

Import and export information to and from a variety of files and programs.

Autocad 2014 Crack is the most trusted Autocad software. It is one of the best 3D drawing programs to create amazing cross-sections and drawings.

Autocad is a reliable and a best-selling CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

Autocad is an accurate 3D modeling.


What’s New In?

Enhanced Markup Assist:

Based on user feedback, an enhanced markup assistant helps to focus on the most common types of edits and provides a quick, guided way to perform them. New options include the option to turn the on and off automatically or to customize when the feature is active.

Snap with A-Lines:

Create sophisticated lookups by using virtual lines to snap to geometry. Draw a series of lines to quickly generate a list of primitives to snap to.

Draw with Dimension Lookup:

Draw dimensions and notes as you draw, and also make them easy to adjust later.

Geometric Manager:

See the geometry of your drawing. Show where the largest or smallest objects occur. Easily see any object that is interfering with other geometry. And save geometry as a template.


Add precise parallel geometry that can easily be edited, rotated, and reflected. Use a popular two-dimensional geometry to quickly generate many distinct, parallel shapes.

Geometric Scaling:

Scale objects to size by snapping to lines, points, or shape handles. Add constraints for even more control.

Text on a Line:

Give precise information about your drawing at a glance. Draw a text string, identify the height and width of the text, and use the text to snap to objects or show their height.

Mousing to AutoCAD:

Drag or click and hold to navigate the drawing screen in Windows, Mac, and Linux. Or select and drag to change the cursor shape.

Editor Performance:

Working with geometry and building files is faster and more accurate. Make a change to a drawing, then load and save it faster.


Drawings load faster. AutoCAD now uses less memory. And you can quickly restore a previous drawing.


Better scripting language support. Include script parameters to control the behavior of your scripts.


Make your AutoCAD drawings more realistic and expressive with the new visualization capabilities in AutoCAD.

Raster Analysis:

Simplify your AutoCAD drawings with advanced raster and vector analysis tools.

More Project Management Options:

Benefits from the following updates:

Sketch improvements:

Create more useful drawings by seeing the scale of individual

System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 3.0 GB DX9 capable video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card with hardware
Additional Notes: