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a) Hide your Windows taskbar
Do you ever get tired of seeing your taskbar in front of your desktop? Do you ever find yourself typing on it by mistake? Do you want to have the ability to use your mouse without changing your mouse-pointer? If you have the above mentioned issues, you need to look at this Free version of the tool that will help you out to a great extent.
b) Place an animated icon on the taskbar
This tool comes with a configurable timer that will help you place an animated icon on your taskbar which will hide your taskbar and also help you save your desktop space.Q:

GetSubscriber() will not work anymore?

Previously it was possible to get a Subscriber for your component or a value with getSubscriber(), e.g.
getSubscriber(this.field) // if field was an input

getSubscriber(this.value) // if field was an input

this will no longer work (see
Is there another way to get Subscriber info from Angular?


There are a few ways to pass messages from child to parent
Component2 (subscriber in Component1):


Component1 (subscriber in Component2):

Routing (two way):



The subject of this article has an explanation why they changed the API. In short, it’s because when you use templates, it makes it harder to test.
If you want to pass events or messages to a child component, I suggest you just pass them from the parent component to the child component and let them flow. There’s no need to complicate your applications.

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Keyboard Macro utility helps you automate keyboard tasks by recording custom keyboard actions.
Benefits brought by portable tools
KeyMacro can be carried around as a portable utility. Plus, you can open it without being an administrator. Simply launch the executable file and start recording the keystrokes. It does not matter whether you are logged into the host computer or not. The keyboard macros work without being affected by the session.
You are not bound to a fixed location on the screen. They can be placed anywhere. The customizable options, including a hotkey configuration, enable you to place the macro button anywhere on the screen.
Unlike most third-party tools, the KeyMacro does not burden the host computer with all kinds of extraneous files. The only executables to save to the system are a few application icons. The “skin” files are not installed on the target computer.
The tool supports several keyboard scancodes so it can detect and record more than one keystrokes at a time. As it is a keyboard macro tool, it is capable of detecting keyboard shortcuts.
Input buffer is unlimited so that you can record keystrokes as many times as you want. Plus, there are no obstacles in the way when you are re-recording a macro.
You can record macros at any time and there is no limit as to how many macros you can make.
As your recorded macros are saved on the target computer, you are not left with a mess of unused macros to delete later. In addition, you are offered the option to reset the macros to the default settings.
Keyboard macros are saved on the system so you can playback the actions. If you do not wish to save the macros, you can cancel them at any time.
You may clone the tool to create a second copy of the executable file. If you want the option to disable macros at startup, you are presented with it.
It does not affect the host system as it runs without being an administrator. You can use it without being logged into the computer as it runs without affecting the session.
You may launch the tool as a startup item, so it can start working even when the host computer is not logged into.
The KeyMacro is capable of detecting keyboard shortcuts so it can record several keystrokes at a time. It is not restricted to only one action.
It supports the use of hardware buttons that you may find on laptops. You can record macros using these keys. If you want, you

Candle Product Key

Candy is a small desktop enhancement program whose purpose is to help you place an animated candy on your screen.
Benefits brought by portable tools
You can save Candy on USB flash drives or other similar devices in order to carry it with you all the time. Plus, you may run it without being an administrator. The tool can be opened straight from the storage device on the target computer.
Your Windows registry does not get bloated with additional entries. No extra configuration files are left on the host computer. You do not need to appeal to third-party uninstallers to remove it because a simple deletion task is sufficient.
Interactive design and a few configuration settings
Candy sports a simple and minimalist layout. By default, the animated candy is not kept on a fixed position on the desktop. It automatically moves to a random location on the screen. If you do not like the animated mode, you can disable it. Plus, you can make use of drag-and-drop actions in order to place the candy to the desired area.
Gaining access to the configuration parameters can be done by right-clicking on the candy. There are only a few options that you can alter. They look easy to interpret so you are not going to spend a lot of time getting an idea about how they work.
You are offered the freedom to adjust the screen resolution by choosing between several preset values, reset the screen resolution to the default settings, launch your current screensaver and change its settings, set a wallpaper, clone the candy, keep the candy on top of other windows, launch the utility at Windows startup, as well as save an extra copy of the executable file on your screen.
Tests have pointed out that Candy carries out tasks quickly and without errors. It remains light on system resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected. You may keep it running in the background, while you can work on your projects.
Final thoughts
All in all, Candy is designed as a simple desktop mate that comes bundled with several straightforward features. It is suitable especially for desktop enthusiasts.

Power up your PC with security and reliability features

ASUS Power Design is an exclusive collection of products that offers advanced power management and other utilities to increase your system’s efficiency and performance. ASUS PCs are carefully crafted to deliver premium performance, designed to fit comfortably in your hand and to fit your lifestyle. ASUS PC designs are built to last for years. ASUS quality standards are the foundation for ASUS Power Design: to deliver you reliable products

What’s New In?

A simple desktop enhancement utility named Candle has become available to download. It is a cool way to display a cute little animated candle on your desktop. Candle is based on the open-source project, GtkLiveCD. The tool seems to work well but the author has not put in the effort to really spread the word about his project.
More about GtkLiveCD:
Candle is mainly based on the open-source project, GtkLiveCD. It is a desktop enhancement utility written for the Linux operating system. It is a fantastic way to display a cute little animated candle on your desktop. GtkLiveCD is a Gtk-based application. It is rather simple to operate and doesn’t take too much effort to get the hang of it. It comes with a handy user guide that can be accessed by opening the application’s menu and clicking on Help. You can also refer to GtkLiveCD’s web page for some tips on how to use the tool.
By installing the GtkLiveCD tool, you are helping to support the project. On the GtkLiveCD website, you will also find some helpful information on the software’s latest version, a list of similar tools and GtkLiveCD’s developers. If you are interested in the project’s source code, it is open-source software. You are welcome to take a look at the software’s GitHub repository. It is available to download from GitHub.
How to install Candle on your Windows PC:
You can download Candle’s setup file and run it straight away. However, it is recommended that you use GtkLiveCD’s built-in install feature to make sure that the tool is correctly installed on your computer. You can access the tool’s installed location by opening the GtkLiveCD application’s menu and choosing the Install option. When prompted, select the Browse option. A directory listing of all GtkLiveCD components will be displayed. You are allowed to select the Candle component.
When you have selected Candle, you will be taken to its installation interface. There you will be offered the option to install the tool directly on the desktop, install it to the Program Files folder or add it to your Windows startup. Click on the Install option to start the process.
After the install has been completed, Candle will appear on your desktop. You may open it by selecting its icon. The tool has a clean and simple design. It is designed to fit well with your Windows desktop. You may add candle icons to your Windows desktop by dragging the included icons from the tool’s desktop area. You may also delete them by selecting the icon.

Google Chrome Extensions
Download Google Chrome Extensions
Google is often called a browser and all it does is send you to other pages, too. Even though Google still has the chrome brand, it is the one that has finally started giving the competition some real competition in the browser market. Google Chrome, built in

System Requirements For Candle:


Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.7Ghz (dual core)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 7 GB free space
Display: 1024 x 768 resolution
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
Sound: Speakers
Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6Ghz (dual core)
Storage: 7 GB free