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ClearClipboard Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download PC/Windows [Updated] 2022

It must have happened to you at least once in your whole PC use experience – you’ve accidentally copied a large text and cluttered your clipboard with it. This can be quite a mess, there are no two ways about it, and as silly as it might sound, clearing the clipboard can be done using dedicated apps, such as ClearClipboard. With its minimalist set of features and accessible handling, it will allow you to quickly and efficiently clean and automatically maintain your clipboard clear of content.
Tray-area based access, which ensures a smooth, unobtrusive functioning throughout
Right after the swift deployment process, you will find the app patiently waiting to be accessed in the tray area icon. To clear the contents of your clipboard, you simply need to click the icon and select the corresponding command.
Yes, it’s that simple, and although most times simplicity does come at the cost of some caveats here and there, we truly enjoyed ClearClipboard’s basic handling. But there’s more to that, and more demanding users are also addressed by the extra functionality.
If you wish to worry less about the clipboard, set the app to clear it automatically, saving you precious time
One of the strong points of ClearClipboard is its ability to automatically clear your clipboard. Yes, it will do so periodically, and you won’t have to worry about a thing, as this process is fully automated.
We liked the fact that the app does allow for some leniency in the sense that users will have the option of manually setting the clipboard time clearing interval, this way ensuring that the process occurs according to their specific requirements.
Convenient solution for an apparently simple yet pressing issue – clearing the clipboard contents
ClearClipboard is a simple yet strong app that is ideally suited to those who wish to clear the contents of their clipboards, bot manually or, if required, automatically.







ClearClipboard 1.07 Crack + Free [Latest-2022]

ClearClipboard Full Crack is a simple yet strong app that is ideally suited to those who wish to clear the contents of their clipboards, either manually or automatically.

It is not a function you will want to lose under any circumstance, as there is a risk that if this content is left in your clipboard for any length of time, you might find yourself inadvertently saving it or copying it to another location.

There are a number of dedicated apps that can be used for the same purpose, but we do not believe there are any that can offer the same convenience as ClearClipboard Activation Code in terms of usability, and ultimately, efficiency.

Quick Specs

What’s New in Version 1.0.0

Performance enhancements

We’ve added a bunch of bug fixes, so we can now ship the app to you.

ClearClipboard Crack Mac has just been released for Windows. On Mac, it’s coming soon.


Publisher’s Description

ClearClipboard Crack For Windows is a small tool that can clear the contents of the clipboard.

ClearClipboard Download With Full Crack has been developed to give users an easy and convenient way to clear their clipboard, and to automatically clear the contents of the clipboard at user-specified intervals. It has many useful features that will save you time and frustration, and is ideal for those who often forget that they copied some important text or other content to their clipboard.

Key Features:

– Automatic clear the contents of the clipboard at user-specified intervals- Add a maximum number of intervals to the list of automatic clear operations- Freely configure the interval between automatic clear operations- Support for mouse and keyboard for the operation- A GUI interface and a tray-area interface for easy access to the application

Before you begin using ClearClipboard Cracked Accounts, make sure to read the instructions given in the help file.

During installation, the tray-area interface of the application is automatically activated.

Any clear content is stored in the clipboard history for later retrieval.

License Agreement:

NOTICE: You are welcome to use this tool without restrictions, but you are not allowed to redistribute it for commercial purposes.

You can install this software on up to 10 computers. Please see the help file for more information.

I can’t stand people that use the “Hey, I have this big text file on my clipboard, can you copy it to your clipboard and save it to disk

ClearClipboard 1.07 Crack

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KEYMACRO is a small software app that, after its installation, will sit on the desktop and provide access to a customized interface from which you can launch the macros that you have created with the purpose of reducing the time it takes you to perform certain tasks.
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ClearClipboard 1.07 Full Version Free Download

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Popular Downloads for ClearClipboard

#6 Pop to Clear Clipboard

Category: Utilities


Pop-to-Clear Clipboard is a tool to clear the contents of the clipboard with one click. It has a clean, sleek design with clear and intuitive features. You can set the schedule at which the app will clear the clipboard contents, or you can set the entire clipboard contents to be cleared at one time. You can also clear the clipboard contents automatically, or you can set to clear the contents manually.

If you are bothered by the little stuff like formatting mistakes and useless data, ClearClipboard app is the right choice for you. It will not only clear the contents but also edit the clipboard, so you can even check if your text was edited to make sure your work is not lost.

With the added benefit of the clipboard editor, this app will clear and edit the contents of your clipboard. The process is rather easy and streamlined and will take care of everything for you. Your clipboard will be cleared automatically or you can also set the time period that it will run.

Key features of ClearClipboard:

* Click to clear the clipboard contents
* Auto and manual clear of the clipboard
* Clear the clipboard contents manually
* Select the time to clear the clipboard contents
* Unformat the clipboard contents manually
* Paste clipboard contents into any text editor

#7 Clear Clipboard for Android

Category: Utilities


ClearClipboard for Android is a tool to clear the contents of the clipboard with one click. It has a clean, sleek design with clear and intuitive features. You can set the schedule at which the app will clear the clipboard contents, or you can set the entire clipboard contents to

What’s New In?

System Requirements For ClearClipboard:

Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, 2.4 GHz/AMD Athlon XP 2300+
RAM: 2 GB or more
4 GB of free space
Monitor: 1024×768 or higher resolution
Graphics: Intel GMA 965/AMD 8500 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection and Xbox LIVE connection
Controller: Xbox 360 controller