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Domoticz Free PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

Domoticz was specially developed as a complex and open source Home Automation system.
Domoticz  was designed to help you control various devices and receive input from various sensors.
The program can be used to control light switches, security devices, door sensors, doorbells, weather sensors, security devices, and others.
The main hardware component of the program is a RFXCOM RF Receiver / Transmitter.


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Domoticz 1.1680 Free Download For Windows (2022)

Domoticz Product Key has two major roles, control and automation.
Domoticz Download With Full Crack can be used for control of devices, for instance the light switch at the front door or remotely controlled devices.
You can also use it to automate your daily routine, for example “when the temperature is below 15° C, turn off the lights”.
Domoticz Free Download can be controlled via a personal website, a mobile phone application or a smartphone app.
The user interface of Domoticz is simple, intuitive and fast.
It supports multiple languages, including English, Swedish, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Arabic, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and others.
Our software features:
• Do not depend on external sources of data.
• Multiple devices can be controlled with one single key.
• The program has a built in command framework, that can run scripts or programs.
• Alarms can be set up.
• A user can control several devices with a single key, and switch between them.
• The same can be done on mobile devices.
• Control can be re-run easily.
• The program can be set up in remote locations, so the user of the device can control it, even from the hotel room.
• The program supports a large number of sensors.
• One sensor per device.
• Multiple devices can be controlled at the same time.
• Server, which can receive external requests.
• Flexible support for various devices.
• After installation, the program can be used immediately.
• Completely freeware.
• Double coded software that offers maximum security.
• System requirements:
• Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2.
You will find the latest version of Domoticz on the official site at
The user manual is available at
You are free to use Domoticz in any way you like, as long as you keep the copyright.
In other words, it can be used in online services, commercial or other projects.
In case you want to do so, however, you should contact us, including providing us with documentation of your project and any additional requirements.


Domoticz 1.1680 Crack + [Mac/Win]

Its  a very simple application with very few features and devices but it has a very powerful API.
You can:

Control almost any device from a remote location.
Not only your home automation devices (lighting, security, air conditioning,… ) but also any USB device (Audio device, webcam, Motion sensor,…)  with the  Domoticz Crack API and his different functions.

Domoticz Features:

Automatic installation on Windows: Quickly and easily install the software
Software updates: Domoticz automatically checks to see if there are any updates to the program
Remote access: Control the program through your browser (TCP/IP)
Mini Program: Alias the entire program to be launched when clicking on Start
Multilanguage: The program can be launched in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, etc.
MULTI-FEATURES:  There are more than 1000 different functions available to control, save, send, manage data for all types of devices and sensors.
Real time notifications: Domoticz will notify you of all the programming events even if you are in another tab.
Free and easy configuration of each device: The program allows you to configure each device separately
Radio freq: You can choose any radio frequency you want
Live! Music: Use the Live! frequency to communicate to and from your room.
Wifi: Domoticz has a Wifi mode which will facilitate the connectivity between PC and Domoticz.
You can:

Create a list of devices to be controlled in a choice of different formats
Set the time  (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM)
Control other PCs (using the Domain Controller)
Specify the hardware of the radio

Domoticz Device Module:

Each module provide with a wide range of features to control the different devices.

Audio output
Color Sensor
Dimmer Switch
Motion Detection
Plug and Play
Sine Wave
Temp and Humidity
UV Sensor
Water Sensor
Wifi sensor
Window Sensor
Weather Radiostation Receiver
Clock Radio Station Receiver
Garage Door Receiver
Clocks Radio Station Receiver
Air Conditioner Receiver
Bells Radio Station Receiver
Exit Panel/Sensor
Exit Station
IR Remote
LDR Sensor
Relay NPN
Socket Screw
USB Radio Receiver
USB Radio Station

Domoticz 1.1680 Crack

Domoticz is a free open source software for controlling your home and garden with an easy to use GUI.
Domoticz allows you to turn lights on or off, activate or deactivate WiFi, add external devices like thermostats, motion sensors, doorbells and light switches, open and close the garage door, activate and deactivate security devices, control the home automation, monitor and measure the air quality and much more.
Domoticz is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive user interface.
Domoticz has a powerful and customizable database, which can be configured to work with almost all devices and appliances that are supported by Home Assistant and Domoticz.
Domoticz is also able to receive input from various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, light, noise, presence, RFID, air quality, …
Domoticz is based on RF technology, which allows you to connect almost any device to your home network.
You can also control appliances and devices from other rooms by using external door and light switches.
Domoticz is compliant with the Open Home Automation standard and can be used together with many open and free home automation platforms.
Domoticz  allows you to create and send all of the Home Automation commands via a single interface.
Domoticz  is simple, well-documented and has been tested on Raspberry Pi  (a single board computer), NodeMCU, ESP32 and Arduino.
Domoticz can help you to control your home with a single interface, sharing all your state in a single file.
Domoticz  is licensed under GNU GPLv3.0.
Domoticz Features:
* RF
* RF Receivers:
– RF Receivers: RF Re_D(etector), RF Re_S(witch), RF Re_A(ction)
* RF Transmitters:
– RF Transmitters: RF Tran_A(ction)
– RF Transmitters: RF Tran_E(ject)
– RF Transmitters: RF Tran_S(witch)
* RF Receivers:
* RF Transmitters:
* RF Receivers
* Basic configurable notification about state changes
* Advanced configurable notification about state changes
* Advanced configurable notification about state changes
* Advanced configurable notification about state changes
* Advanced configurable notification about state changes
* Advanced configurable notification about state changes

What’s New In?

Domoticz 4 is an easy to use & powerful software that is ideal for both the novice & the advanced user of Home Automation Systems. Weighing in at just 100kb this is a downloadable item of Domoticz that is great for users looking to automate any combination of devices from just a few. Some of the possible uses of Domoticz are:
Light Control — turning lights on and off, changing their intensity, switching on or off a light sensor,
Door / Window Control — Opening and closing doors and windows, controlling when doors open and close using a set of contact sensors and pull chain sensors, controlling the state of the doors / window switches
Weather Sensor — monitoring the weather, and receiving notifications via e-mail when the temperature hits or falls below the desired settings, the possibility of using a temperature sensor for an emergency alarm system, watering a plant, etc
Zone Temperature Control — by monitoring the temperature of various zones within a home, you can turn on or off heating / cooling in each zone via a remote touch interface and a thermostat.
Other Devices — much like with everything else, you can control devices in a home by using a series of RF Transmitters. Home Appliances such as lights, toasters, TVs, heating, air con, as well as security devices like doors, window latches, motion sensors, and many more can be controlled with a simple RF device.
Domoticz is an all in one automation software (RF Transmitter / Receiver) that includes a free version (domoticz 4) and a commercial version (domoticz 4 pro) that includes all the features included in the free version, plus many extra features to control a wide range of devices.

Domoticz Features:

• Free Version Features

Light Control

Door / Window Control

Zone Temperature Control

Weather Sensor

• Commercial Version Features

Toggle Lights — light switches turn on and off in sequence by simply pressing the buttons

Light Sensor

Door / Window Sensor

Sensor Switch

Home Appliance Control

IOT Domain

Outdoor Temperature Monitoring

Alarm ( Remote )

Web Monitoring

Domoticz 4 Free Features

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Works with Windows, MAC, Linux

RF Transmitter/Receiver


Include Scripts in your project

Interactive History

Allows you

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Windows 7+
Mac OS X 10.7+
Linux 32-bit
Minimum requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Processor: 1.2GHz CPU
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Drive: 500MB
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
Recommended requirements:
Processor: 2.0GHz CPU