Behind the sounds of Baroque music and ancient instruments such as the pipe organ lies, in fact, an entire world, fascinating and little-known, which Antiqua Vox wishes to bring closer to the general public and to the newer generations.

The March of Treviso is a land rich with organs and other ancient instruments, and thus was the perfect place for Antiqua Vox to be born. Antiqua Vox is a private non-profit association which aims at valorising the pipe organ and the role of the organist, as well as organising concerts, promoting instrumental music and young musicians, and restoring historical instruments.

The association’s commitments are as numerous as the many events which Antiqua Vox presents all throughout the year in order to promote early music. Aperitivi in Musica (Musical Aperitifs) and Baroque Experience are two examples of instrumental music festivals, whilst Pagine d’Organo (Organ Pages) and Organi Estate (Summer Organs) are specifically dedicated to organ music.

In addition to these, as divulgation has always gone hand in hand with education, Baroquip, Laboratorio Giovanile Barocco (Youth Baroque Workshop) gives Conservatory students the opportunity to be introduced to Baroque music and experience playing in an orchestra, whilst many a Masterclass offer a chance to further deepen one’s knowledge on the subject, and  Progetto Scuola (School Project), aimed at primary and secondary schools, introduces even the youngest pupils to the wonders of the pipe organ. Since certain sounds, as certain emotions, have no age.

To invest in culture is to invest in the future. Support Antiqua Vox by making a donation or by gifting a bit of your free time.
Even a small gesture can help to build a better society.