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Simple way of handling semicolon (‘;’) in shell script

I’m new to bash scripting and somehow I come across a problem during code reading.
awk ‘
gsub(“-“, ” “, $1);
‘$1 |
awk ‘
/^\-/ &&!/path|mkdir|ln/ { sub(“-“, ” “, $1) ; print $1 }’ $1 > “$1.tmp”

I have a text file with which I want to replace ‘-‘ by ‘-sow-‘ and then compare if the new pattern is matched with my other file and if not, it should be saved on the new file as I’ve used 2 awk commands (before and after).
But the problem is that, the semicolon (‘;’) at the end of second awk command is the culprit of the script failing. I’ve tested for ‘;’ before my 2nd awk command and it returned false. So I manually changed to ‘\;’ which returned true, thus I decided to use ‘\;’ for whole second command. But it didn’t work. I tried a lot of combinations but it always returns a syntax error (expected ‘)’ and a new line starts at the end.
Does anyone have an easy solution to this problem? Thanks.


You are confusing your tilde (~) with backslash, on Linux. For tilde, write the escaping code (^):
awk ‘
gsub(“-“, ” “, $1);