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LogonEight addresses a small group of users within the community of Windows 8 fans that just cannot have enough of their favorite operating system and are always on the lookout for application software to tweak the OS in any possible form.
Since its launch back in October 2012, Windows 8 has been picked up a plethora of reviews, both good and bad, some of them really bad, to say the least. Released a year after, the Windows 8.1 also known as ‘Blue’ has come to fix the slightly premature version that it succeeds and also presents a rather quirky approach to the upgrade process.
Leaving all the controversy behind – and it is surely a big conglomeration of pointing fingers as even the CEO at that particular time, Steve Ballmer, was disclosed to part from Microsoft in the next twelve months following August 2013 – you can either choose to hate Windows 8 and use any other iteration of the Microsoft operating system, hate it but still use it, love it but cannot afford it or cannot use it due to other reasons or love it and make use of it every single day.
The last variant of the aforementioned enumeration is made out of the users that can surely love LogonEight as well as they do with the OS. While not being a very complex computer program, LogonEight does one thing and that is allowing you to choose a folder of images to use for your ‘Lock Screen’ background. You can also set a time interval after which the image is automatically changed.
To sum it all up, LogonEight provides more of an additional option to the whole system, rather than sporting a set of features and functions. It translates the option to cycle wallpapers on your screen at any given interval into the ‘Logon’ screen and that may seem as a dream come true for some Windows 8 enthusiasts.


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Logon Eight provides the latest Windows 8 desktop Lock Screen Wallpaper with a system-wide timer set to ‘Logon Eight’. Logon Eight has been developed to provide a central location to select the Lock Screen Wallpaper for the entire system. It auto-updates every time the user logs in.
We have no installation procedure for you to follow. Simply, download, unzip, run, and enjoy! We provide a standard un-install procedure in the setup program and Logon Eight won’t interfere with your existing Windows 8 desktop, Lock Screen settings.
–Main Features–
* Create a custom desktop wallpaper for the whole system.
* Rotate the wallpaper on the fly.
* Use other ‘Logon Eight’ wallpapers too.
* Set a system wide time interval between Logon Eight changes.
* Logon Eight can be launched anytime by pressing the ‘Logon Eight’ key in the keyboard.
* Can be launched through the Start Menu and shutdown can be restarted from Logon Eight.
* System wide wallpaper selection.
* Enable and disable wallpaper selection through a click.
* Enable/Disable automatic wallpaper updates.
* Enable/Disable wallpaper rotation.
* Enable/Disable wallpaper arrangement.
* Enable/Disable logon sounds.
* Enable/Disable desktop clock.
* Lock screen and logon screen rotation.
* Enable ‘flat’ wallpaper.
* Enable/Disable lock screen transition.
* Enable/Disable ‘edge flip’.
* Enable/Disable transparent desktop.
* Enable/Disable flipping the wallpaper in the same direction as the other windows of your desktop.
* Enable/Disable automatically filling ‘windows’ in the wallpaper.
* Enable/Disable ‘Flip’ function in the wallpaper.
* Enable/Disable the ‘Always Center’ feature.
* Enable/Disable your wallpaper on the fly.
* Enable/Disable ‘Wallpaper Flipped’.
* Choose a full or simple clock.
* Enable/Disable the Live Tile.
* Choose a full or simple desktop clock.
* Enable/Disable ‘Select Lock Screen Wallpaper’ from the desktop control panel.
* Choose a rotation or automatic rotation.
* Enable/Disable search patterns in the system.
* Enable/Disable ‘Night Time’ function.

LogonEight Free Download [March-2022]

LogonEight Free Download is a Windows 8 application that enables a user to change the ‘Lock Screen’ wallpaper via the ‘Logon Screen’, which is displayed after a successful log-on. Other than that, you can also select the ‘Logon Screen’ size, time interval and download new wallpapers from a folder.
Firstly, you’ll have to sign up to the site. This is easy. You’ll simply need to enter your name and an email.

How to download LogonEight:
Step 1: Download an installer. To do this, first download file that accompanies the tutorial. This should contain an.exe file.

Step 2: When the installer opens up, choose the ‘Upgrade’ button.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete. Remember, this installer will not affect your current version of Windows.

Step 4: Launch the program. Click the orange ‘Start’ button in the lower left corner.

Step 5: Click the ‘Logon’ option in the second column of the menu bar.

Step 6: You should see your ‘Logon’ selection. Click the dark blue ‘Start’ button in the bottom right corner.

Step 7: A screen will appear. Select your folder. To do this, click the green ‘+’ button. You’ll see a notification that a folder has been selected.

Step 8: Select the size of the image. You’ll have the choice between 16:9 and 16:10. If you want, you can also choose 1920 x 1080.

Step 9: Click the green ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.

Step 10: Wait for the image to load. The image should load in the screen’s lower right corner. If it does not work, try re-opening the folder containing the image and clicking the ‘Add’ button in that folder.

Step 11: Click the orange ‘X’ button and choose ‘Close’.

Step 12: Now, you’ll be prompted to log-on to your computer. Click the ‘Logon’ option.

Step 13: You should see your screen change to the regular log-on screen. Select ‘Logon’ from the menu at the bottom left of

LogonEight Keygen Free [Latest] 2022

A free tile locker with custom lock screen backgrounds for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, LogonEight lets users keep their photos, art, music or whatever they like on their devices as a lock screen background.
By just dragging and dropping those custom pictures you like in the app, you can quickly change the background image from one to another and choose a specific time interval between every new image you will have on your screen.
Once you have selected a template to your liking you can either share your new background image with the world or keep it to yourself. The next time you start your PC, your phone or tablet, you will see your custom image as the Lock screen.
LogonEight version history:
Version 0.0.14: Release date: July 18, 2013.
Version 0.0.13: Release date: May 22, 2013.
Version 0.0.12: Release date: April 17, 2013.

Windows 8 Users, you have been warned! As we are told constantly and every year, Windows 8 is a platform that has to be upgraded for it to remain compatible with Windows-based software. To keep our beloved desktop computer platform alive and kicking, the operating system company still releases upgrades, meaning that they will keep on releasing software updates for the many millions of Windows 7/8.1 machines in the world.
As a developer, our first love and primary purpose is the programming language C/C++, hence our focus is of course on the operating system itself. However, we also develop some minor additions to the operating system, in order to make the user’s experience a bit more blissful. More details on our current version, available at can be found on the home page.
In our endeavor to find ways to improve the user’s experience on Windows, we want to share with the world some of the ways and our solutions to processing files on Windows 8.1, particularly in the File Management area.
The following is the process to “Compress and Decompress a file on Windows 8.1”.
What are the pre-requisites to do this?
1. We assume that the user wants to compress the file named “sample.txt” using our simple “compress-decompress” program. The user should have the file located in any

What’s New in the?

The following is the full description of the Windows 8 application:
LogonEight is a free utility from Devrim GÜLÇÜKÇA of the LogonEight Team ( It can be used as a Logon screen from any Windows 8 desktop or tablet. You can replace your Windows 8 Lock Screen background by uploading any photo from your computer, the desktop, or the local device. You can choose any folder to replace your Lock Screen and start with the first image in the folder. You can select the interval for the screen refresh.
The goal is to have a professional looking lock screen that will enhance your Windows 8 experience.
* Easy Install: All you need is an account to use LogonEight. After installing, log on to your Windows 8 PC and choose “Start” -> “Settings” -> “Personalization”. There, you will find the ‘Advanced Personalization’ option, where you can find LogonEight.
* Select Folder: Any folder of images can be used as a background, they are uploaded to ‘Pictures’ folder and you can choose any folder you want to use as a background. The default folder is ‘Pictures’. You can set the image to cycle through the images in the folder. You can also use this feature for displaying the images from other folders in the computer. The application includes a feature which allows you to filter your image through multiple folders.
* Choose Time: You can select the interval between the images you wish to view in your Lock Screen. When the selected interval comes to an end, the next image will be displayed.
* For Android Phones, Tablets, and PCs
To have LogonEight on your phone, tablet or PC just visit to download the application for free. After installing the application, choose ‘Logon’ tab to select the folder where the images will be stored. You can choose the interval for the screen refresh. You can upload image to the ‘Pictures’ folder. When the folder is full, you can choose ‘Refresh’.
LogonEight History:
Windows 8:
1.0 (August 2012)
1.1 (May 2013)
1.2 (July 2013)
2.0 (August 2013)
1.3 (September 2013)
1.4 (October 2013)

System Requirements For LogonEight:

Windows 7 or later and a desktop computer
Windows 10 and a desktop computer
How to install Online:
How to install Offline: