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– T-shaped charting
– ‘bricks’ with equal body size.
– Free Forex & CFDs Signals
– Moving Average indicator
– Renko Support
– Renko Resistance
– SMA indicator
– Fibonacci indicator
– and much more…

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MeanRenkoBar – How it works?

MeanRenkoBar – Features

The Mean Renko Bar is an indicator designed for Renko charts. It is usually applied for trading in Forex, Forex CFD, Cryptocurrencies and Shares. It is also suitable for using in MetaTrader 4, MT5 or cTrader desktop and web apps.

The Mean Renko Bar indicator calculates multiple moving averages with different time frames and generates bars in Renko charts which are represented by a series of blocks with equal body size. When one of the averages reaches its target value, a Renko bar is generated, colored by the average which hit the target value. The colored bars have a visibility of three and are used for signal generation.

The Mean Renko Bar indicator is a special kind of the MeanBar indicator because it takes the MOM as a moving average input. The Mean Renko Bar indicator calculates the trend changes via MOM average blocks, but since the MOM average is periodically updated at the end of each period, the Renko bars are always a representation of the recent MOM price change.

A MeanRenkoBar is colored by the MA which hit a target value for each bar, this makes MeanRenkoBar as a trading tool for identifying trend direction changes in Renko charts. Because of this, it is recommended for investors and traders who are into trading on the long-term.

MeanRenkoBar can be applied in all cases where traders or investors need to chart the price change, regardless of the time frame. So, MeanRenkoBar can be used in time frame charts as well as alternative charts.

Also, you can use the Renko lines (MOE, RBE and SSE) to draw your own Renko charts to suit your trading needs.

The MeanRenkoBar indicator has several chart features

Trades from the Moving Average indicator

The MeanRenkoBar indicator has two built-in moving averages that are used to generate signals for trades (Long and Short). These indicators are:

1. The No.


– live charting
– alternative price charting
– rules for classic period and mean renko indicators are included
– also you can calculate renko parameters (mean, period, speed)
– export charts to txt, tsv, png, pdf, csv, xls
– pan, zoom
– preview charts in full screen mode

– zoom in/out by double-clicking on the chart

– zoom with mouse wheel

– fullscreen mode

– export charts to txt, tsv, png, pdf, csv, xls
– change the chart style, include/exclude indicators
– intervals for all indicators (please refer to readMe.txt for more details)

– wide range of parameters for renko charts (please refer to readMe.txt for more details)

– import backtest history
– additional parameters:
– number of intervals,
– number of bars,
– speed factors (please refer to readMe.txt for more details)

– pixel perfect result: in that case you can try a different chart mode or deselect’smoothize’

– histogram indicators

– export charts to txt, tsv, png, pdf, csv, xls
– export data to tab delimited format

– MT4 4.0 or higher

The MT4 installation package includes sample charts.

– Juuve
– Pascal Wolf
– Antoine Dehaes

Version History:
1.1.0 – 12/06/2009

– small bug fix in report_history parameters
– fixed a bug of zoom in/out

1.0.1 – 02/06/2009

– thanks.

– (C) 2009 Juuve Software / Pascal Wolf

The information contained in this report was gathered from the
web site’s home page and/or documentation. If you have
not been able to find a similar or contradictory report in the
web site documentation, please write to the

how to access home,docs,xampp and extensions through terminal?

I have xampp installed through apt-get install apache2 xampp mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql apache2.2-common php5

What’s New In?

… displays price charts using RenkoBar Indicators in MetaTrader 4. Ideal for scalping charts, screener systems and feeders. RenkoBar charting is a standard in the forex arena that offers a simplified and more intuitive method for analyzing price action. While the RenkoBar system generates the familiar ‘pop’ or ‘trough’ of a chart to alert a trader to a change in trend, it also offers a level of detail not available in other scalping methods.
You can choose to trade Renko charts based on the price, change, or both.
MeanRenkoBar Rules & Functions:

Trading Rules:

R/K = Market Direction
N/P/D/S/X/T = Strong/Moderate/Dynamic/Slight/Non Directional/Volume
R/K-P/D-S/X-T = Directional/Volume Shift/Time Frame
R/K-P/D/S/X/T-P/D/S/X/T = Non Directional/Non-Directional/Multiple/Volume/Directional/Directional
R/K-P/D/S/X/T-P/D/S/X/T = Volume/Directional/Multiple/Non-Directional/Non-Directional/Volume


Technical Indicators

General Features

Hidden Features

Ease of Setup


Terms of Service

Intro & Getting Started

Main Window

Basic Renko Details

Stopping Times

Stick Movement & Exit



R/K Bars & Boxes















System Requirements:

* Operative time: Approximately 50 hours.
* Required disk space: A minimum of approximately 3.5GB (without modification).
* Processor: Intel Pentium III or later.
* DirectX: 8.0 compliant version of DirectX.
* Memory: Approximately 1GB RAM (with 1GB of VRAM).
* Sound: MIDI compatible sound card and driver.
* Hard Disk: A minimum of approximately 400MB available on hard disk. (Tested on 150MB