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By myllkim

OOoATL2 Crack Free X64

OOoATL2 is a useful OpenOffice Extension designed to list the AutoTexts in Writer onto a document.
Extension of the macro “AutoText” in library “Gimmicks”, delivered with OOo since version 1.1.x, which lists AutoText name and AutoText shortcut to a writer document.
This one extends the table created with the unformatted text of the AutoText entry itself.









OOoATL2 Crack Free X64

* The addon toolbar is placed in Writer Menu bar (Tools -> Add-ons -> Text -> AutoTexts)
* The addon shows an additional toolbar with basic functions to the AutoTexts (sort, reset, delete, undo, delete-all,…)
* All informations about the added AutoText entries are shown in the Main window
* The autotextlist is drawn with the autotext style of the entry, but without the plain text
* The main window is shown with high contrast
* In the sub toolbars of the addon exists the menus and the context menu’s actions and informations about the used functions and styles
* Ctrl + E “AutoText” is shown in the main window
* The mainscreen is extended by the code of TxtDialogs.Classification, that is used to the authoring of the classification number of the auto text

This is a functional Fantasy/Fungi Base Classes for the first edition Dungeons and Dragons (3.5) system for wich composes 5 base classes –
Base cleric, base mystic, base monk, base rogue and base wizard – and 14 feat variants.
Inspired by the classes presented in ‘The Book of Exalted Deeds’.
Version 1.0.4 added all variant feat p. 48 of ‘The Book of Exalted Deeds’.
Also added 4 characters feats – follow the table

version 1.0.2:
added some more feats from ‘The Book of Exalted Deeds’
and added some new to the game, like the Kobold Archer variant feat

version 1.0.3:
added some feats from ‘The Book of Exalted Deeds’
added 2 oracle feats variants – of which one is based on Kobold Archer variant feat –
this variant is ok for +2, very good for +3 variant or +4 variant

version 1.0.4:

OOoATL2 [2022]

The OOoATL2 Extension can display ALL AutoTexts in Writer.
Unformatted text of the AutoText name, together with the name of the AutoText shortcut, are listed on a document in the same order as which they are created.
Extension is available for All OOo version, but it requires the presence of the “Gimmicks” library.
OOoATL2 can also be used with an OpenOffice file created with AutoText file extension.
Just replace “AutoText” by “OOoATL2” in the code.
Installation and Configuration:
The extension can be installed either as an add-on for a running OpenOffice application.
It requires the OpenOffice AddOn Manager application.
Or, it can be added to a collection of Add-on previously installed.
As an add-on, in the OpenOffice add-on manager, enter the text of the extension and select the extension’s package, namely oo.gimmicks.AutoText.
Once downloaded, the extension appears in the Add-ons > Extras menu.
If the add-on manager is not found, you can download it directly from the OOo homepage.
If installing to an existing collection of add-ons, you will need to add the OOoATL2 add-on to the collection.
To do so, select “Add-ons > Add-ons” menu, enter the name of the collection (ex: OOoATL2 or Gimmicks) and select the add-on.

I hope this add-on is useful, and soon, I’ll try to improve it, in particular with the AutoText shortcut display.

OOoATL2 is available under the GNU Public License, version 3 (GPLv3) from the project homepage.
More information about the license of the library “Gimmicks” used in this extension (and the library itself), can be found here:
GIMMICKS (GNU Public License)

OOoATL2 is designed to integrate into the OpenOffice suite, which means that it modifies the OpenOffice file format. It is distributed as an add-on rather than a stand alone product.
Because of this integration, the OpenOffice files that are modified by the add-on are classified as a set of changes, with a separate changeset number, as with any other change. This is useful

OOoATL2 Free 2022 [New]

– Placement according the writer’s “AutoText Entry” option: “APPLY” or “NOT TO APPLY”.
– Importing the file by the right click on the opened OOo document and selecting the “Import…” option from the menu.
– Editing the formatting of the imported file.
– The macro runs without any error, the autotexts lists are right.
– Slight delay before the table is filled.
– Partial filtering of the table creation.
– Importing all the files of the current library “Gimmicks” to the opened writer document.
– Export all files back to the original location by right click on the opened writer document and selecting the “Export…” option from the menu.
– Delete any created file by pressing Ctrl+F5.
– Editing the table title.
– Editing the table settings.
– Importing all the writer’s styles used in the document.
– Export all used styles by pressing Ctrl+F5.
– Export all the writer’s styles to the proper location.
– Clear the list of writer’s styles.
– Adding or removing any style.
– Importing any style of LibreOffice or OpenOffice from OOoATL2’s style library.
– Export the list of LibreOffice styles.
– Import all the used styles back to the writer’s document.
– Clear the list of writer’s styles.
– “OLY” controls:
– “ON”-> “APPLY” or “NOT TO APPLY”.
– “ON” or “OFF”-> “ON” or “OFF”.
– “ON”-> “APPLY” or “NOT TO APPLY”.
– “ON”-> “ON” or “OFF”.
– “APPLY”-> “ON” or “OFF”.
– “NOT TO APPLY”-> “ON” or “OFF”.
– Exporting all the writer styles back to the writer’s document, by pressing Ctrl+F5.
– Clear all writer styles.
– Add any style.
– Add any writer’s style.
– Import any writer’s style back to the writer’s document.
– Delete any writer’s style.
– Exporting the list of LibreOffice styles.
– Import all LibreOffice

What’s New in the?

Automatic Text List 2:

Open a document with your customized AutoTexts.
You can customize the layout of this table with the layout of your
What’s new:

1) Version 1.5 has been released:
– Added a list of Customization Class.
– In order to extract a specific value from a list, a lasso cursor is
loaded into the drawing.
– A list of properties for which the autoText has an impact (but does
not set them) and for which an autoText is not required (but is
– An option to not insert a list item on insert.
– You can also add some items to this list, but they will not appear on
the document anymore.
– The text “Auto-Text:” is now also displayed on the table if it’s

2) Version 1.4 has been released:
– You can now also use the drawing as if it was a text button or an
image button.
– Custom formatting can be applied to the table, with the cell
formatting or the table formatting.
– You can drag an entry to move it to another position.
– Improvements in the table’s user interface.
– New entries: Change configuration, Auto-Text, Customize…
– New entry on the “Auto-Text:” tab, Link to link.
– New entry for the “Auto-Text:” tab, All-Tab format.
– New entry for the “Auto-Text:” tab, Disable Auto-Text…
– New entry for the “Auto-Text:” tab, Font-Style.
– New entry for the “Auto-Text:” tab, Language.
– New entry for the “Auto-Text:” tab, Auto-Text…
– New entry for the “Customize…” tab, Font name.
– New entry for the “Customize…” tab, Background color.
– New entry for the “Custom

System Requirements For OOoATL2:

Arrow Dagger
Blades of War
White Bear
Harpoon Bow
Scroll of the Wilderness
Two Anathema
Molten Rain
Mace of Eldeor
Ring of the Iron God
Snow Globe
Seasons of Ice
Goatkine Claws
Crafted Bow
Crafted Arrows
The Rogue-Like Game of Warcraft: