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Showdesktop Button Resizer Crack Torrent (Activation Code) [March-2022]

Showdesktop Button Resizer is a lightweight enhancement tool that gives you the possibility to change the dimensions of the “Show Desktop” button on the Windows 7 taskbar. For example, you can increase its size to make it easier to click on it and minimize all active panels to swiftly gain access to the desktop.
Portable utility for Windows 7 only
The program doesn't work with any other OS editions aside from Windows 7, nor with the OS classic theme. It doesn't require installation, as you can download and copy the executable file to a custom directory on the disk or to a USB flash drive to seamlessly launch it on any PC and customize the “Show Desktop” button. It doesn't update the system registry with new entries or generate new files on the disk. To perform an uninstall, it's only necessary to delete its executable.
Set the “Show Desktop” button size
The control panel has a simple design and layout, where you can pick a new size from a dropdown menu as well as enlarge or reduce the dimension by clicking on two buttons. The original size can be restored with the click of a button. Moreover, you can instruct the utility to autorun at every Windows startup until further notice.
By default, this button has a fixed dimension of 15 pixels and can be increased to up to 24. With the help of this application, you can set it to any size ranging from 0 to 40 pixels. However, you should keep in mind that Showdesktop Button Resizer must remain running in the background to prevent the computer from undoing the modifications.
Evaluation and conclusion
Modifications were rapidly committed in our tests. Throughout its runtime, the app remained minimal on system resources consumption. Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, Showdesktop Button Resizer can be seamlessly handled by all types of users.









Showdesktop Button Resizer Free Download For Windows [Latest-2022]

– Resize the size of the “Show Desktop” button on the Windows 7 taskbar.
– Quickly access the desktop with a single click.
– Minimize all panels on the desktop.
– Increased button size allows for a simple and more comfortable clicking.
– Autorun at every system restart.
– App is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
– Fully portable.
The trial version of the program can be downloaded from this page.

Welcome to the Screenshot Captor “Active Button Resizer”.
“Active Button Resizer” allows you to resize the sizes of the “OK” or “Save” buttons on your Windows 7 taskbar or panel.
For example, you can resize the OK button to make it larger.
Through this utility, you can make your buttons bigger and easier to click.
Unlike the other screenshot capture program, this tool has the additional advantage to keep the size of your active buttons during your work.
On every use, you can specify the original size for the OK button and save the new dimension.
“Active Button Resizer” has the following features:
– You can resize the size of the “OK” or “Save” buttons on the Windows 7 taskbar or panel.
– The size of your active buttons can be increased.
– You can minimize all panels on the desktop.
– Autorun at every system restart.
– Uninstall doesn’t require any files to be deleted.
– The program is fully portable.
The trial version of the program can be downloaded from this page.

Reviews of the Showdesktop Button Resizer Product Key

-Better than any other program-The main reason to write this review is to thank you for the update. This program is a great tool.


Review Date:27/02/2014



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S&R Active Button Resizer(Showdesktop Button Resizer)

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Showdesktop Button Resizer Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code [Mac/Win]

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Designed for advanced users
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Showdesktop Button Resizer Crack+ Activation Code

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What’s New In Showdesktop Button Resizer?

ShowDesktop Button Resizer is a freeware utility for Windows 7 designed to increase the size of the “Show Desktop” button on the taskbar and make it possible to access the desktop via the “start” menu (the Start button on the taskbar).
Allows changes of the size of the button
Change size of button
enables modification of the size of the button
size of the button between 0 and 40 pixels
supports the classic theme
is a portable utility that can be freely installed and launched from a USB flash drive
In no time at all, a new desktop space is created. In fact, Showdesktop Button Resizer is very user friendly: with a simple interface, you can directly make the desired modifications without having to deal with additional software or entering complex command lines. Simply double-click on the “Show Desktop” button, and start editing the size.
How to access the desktop with the “start” menu
Showdesktop Button Resizer freeware available for Windows 7
To start the utility, click on the button, and then select “Set size” from the drop-down menu. It will open a new window where you can change the dimension of the “Show Desktop” button, as well as modify the rest of its properties.
The new button dimensions are immediately applied, and you will be taken back to the main window. Click the button to confirm the change. It is advisable to also take a screenshot of the button before any size adjustments to be able to precisely revert back to the original size.
Small changes can be problematic
If you have a tiny taskbar, it might be difficult for you to see the new button size. You can always try scrolling down or across the taskbar, or if it doesn't work, keep an eye on the taskbar to find the new button.
Of course, the only way to be certain of the size you have assigned is to resize the taskbar manually, with a second computer mouse and the “Taskbar and Start Menu” app. Then, you will see the resulting new size.
If you decide to remove the modifications, click on the button and select “Undo settings”. If you want to make the same modifications at a later time, it is only necessary to duplicate the above steps, as the app will not write any changes to the registry.
Showdesktop Button Resizer FAQ:
Q: How can I increase the size of the “Show Desktop” button on the taskbar?
A: Install and launch Showdesktop Button Resizer from a portable medium. Open the application and modify the button size with the click of a button.
Q: Is the “Show Desktop” button resizable?
A: Yes. The program can be launched and run from a USB flash drive, so there is no need to install it on the computer.
Q: Is the “Show Desktop” button resizable?

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Intel Core i3/i5/i7, AMD FX, Ryzen, ARM64
1GB+ of VRAM
4GB+ of free disk space
Resolution: 1920×1080 | 2560×1440 | 3840×2160
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