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Sprintbit File Manager Crack Serial Key Free Download For PC

People like to store all sort of files on their computers, but it's always a good idea to install a file manager in order to organize your files easily. One nice application that you can check out is Sprintbit File Manager.
It's a nice program that comes with all the tools and features that you need in order to manage files easily and organize documents on your computer.
Sleek graphical interface with plenty of tools
The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete in order to use its features.
It sports a really intuitive graphical interface with lots of tools and features at hand. It can be used for managing documents, pictures, audio tracks, videos and all sort of files on your computer.
Manage files easily
You can perform all standard file operations and use many tools that let you work with files on your computer. Sprintbit File Manager provides single, dual or multiple file displays, called File Browsers that may be grouped into a File Managers.
The number of File Browsers available to open is unlimited and you may swap between them as desired. The most common operations used on files are: create, open, edit, view, print, play, rename, move, copy, delete, attributes, properties, search/find, and permissions. Files are displayed in a hierarchy.
More features and tools
File Renamer is a feature that lets you rename files in a batch mode. A variety of renaming methods are available, you can set any file name format you wish or use some of predefined presets, remove unnecessary characters, change the file extension etc.
File renamer works fast and you can select single files, folders or entire disks as well. Shortcuts Editor is a feature that let you create and edit shortcut files.
All in all, Sprintbit File Manager is a very nice application that allows you to make all sort of changes to your files and organize them neatly on your computer.







Sprintbit File Manager Crack Patch With Serial Key

“Look around your computer, and you’ll find a lot of folders, files and programs to get in the way of your work. You’re wasting precious space on your hard drive. So we created Sprintbit File Manager, the ideal all-in-one utility for managing your digital life. Sprintbit keeps your most used files right where you can find them and your most important documents in easy-to-reach groups. It’s the tool you should use for managing documents, pictures, videos and music from your computer. Save more time, keep your digital life clean and complete your tasks in less time, with Sprintbit File Manager!
Sprintbit has a sleek and simple graphics interface. Sprintbit File Manager even comes with a System Tray icon, which gives you easy access to all its features from any system tray icon. Sprintbit’s features include:
easy-to-use simple file management,
grouping files and folders,
file rename,
” just click to get to them and double-click to open them,
count, sort and search,
show or hide files,
edit and create new files,
batch rename,
and much more.

The video below shows SprintBit File Manager running on two different systems, one of which is a Windows PC and the other is a Linux system.
Download SprintBit File Manager
When you download the SprintBit File Manager 32-bit or 64-bit setup, you get the following files:
SprintBit File Manager Setup
SprintBit File Manager Full Download
You can also get SprintBit File Manager 32-bit setup from Softonic:
Why do I need to have the file manager running all the time? Can’t I just keep a window open in the background? Why do I need to have a file manager open at all times?
You just need to have SprintBit File Manager running when you want to use it.
There are two types of SprintBit File Manager.

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Also you can download from Softonic:

SprintBit File Manager for Linux
SprintBit File Manager for Mac


SprintBit File Manager for Windows is the best file manager for Windows. The application sports a really intuitive graphical interface and you can open, close, move, copy, rename or delete your files easily and easily to organize all sort of files on your computer or a network.
SprintBit File Manager is the

Sprintbit File Manager Activation Key [Latest-2022]

❤ All-in-one file manager
❤ Sling full featured file manager
❤ Organize your documents with ease
❤ Search and view all of your files at once
❤ View files by type, size, date, and attributes
❤ Create shortcuts to your files
❤ Edit a list of favorite folders
❤ Perform all standard and advanced file operations
❤ Show or hide all items
❤ Move, copy, and rename multiple files at once
❤ Print your documents, images, and other files
❤ View and edit the properties of your files
❤ Play and view many different formats of files
❤ Create and edit shortcuts to your files
❤ Work quickly with improvements in speed, reliability, and aesthetics
❤ Choose from a variety of themes
❤ Search and Filter files by name, extension, size, date, and type
❤ View and manage all your files in a tree view
❤ Set easy-to-remember shortcuts to your files
❤ Organize your documents into folder collections
❤ Organize your files by custom sort criteria
❤ Unlimited number of places and spaces for new folders
❤ Free up disk space by adding and deleting unused disk space
❤ Move, copy, delete, or duplicate files and folders
❤ Sort files by date, name, type, size, and other criteria
❤ Send files via email attachments
❤ Print your files (to any printer)
❤ Easily handle all your files from the Search window
❤ Drag-and-drop in several ways
❤ File manager with scanning and multi-selection
❤ Print your documents and images easily
❤ Supports all popular image and file formats
❤ High-quality, very fast file manager
❤ Supports drag-and-drop of folders and files
❤ Create, rename, delete, and move folders and files
❤ View all types of files
❤ Copy files to and from removable media (CD, DVD, Hard Disk etc.)
❤ View pictures and images
❤ Scan documents, photos, and images
❤ Screenshot your window as you work
❤ ZIP and RAR files
❤ Save your settings for future runs
❤ Search, replace text, run a macro, and more
❤ Back up files
❤ Browse files, folders, and drives
❤ Add and remove links to file

Sprintbit File Manager Crack +

Sprintbit File Manager is a multi-tasking application to search, organise, and manage your files. Includes a file browser, search, open, move, copy, rename, archive and delete features. SprintBit File Manager also functions as a network file system and supports password protection.

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What’s New In?

You can organize your files easily and manage documents with Sprintbit File Manager! It provides all the tools that you need to quickly access files on your computer and edit documents without any hassle.
You can perform all standard file operations, such as viewing, renaming, copying, moving, deleting, creating or opening, on files as well as modify the properties of a file, as you wish. Sprintbit File Manager can also display the files in a structure for easy management.
Right click on the main window and select one of the tools present on the left to perform any of the requested operations. Create, move, delete, open, edit, rename, delete or duplicate files and folders, view files, modify the properties or permissions and much more in just a few mouse clicks!
– supports multiple file renaming and the user-defined quick menu of the toolbars
– create shortcuts to any files on your computer with the new created shortcut window
– move, copy, move files from Explorer to any place in the screen
– copy selected files to any partition or disk
– modify shortcuts with one click, without opening any new windows
– create and delete archives with the built-in archiving tool
– create directory on any partition or disk
– open compressed files without any additional software
– view the details of files, change permissions or open properties
– search for files within folders
– download files in two ways: either download them from the web or the local hard drive, and their status is always displayed
– create and rename the folder to create multiple folder structures
– open remote network drives and share files with other users
– convert audio files to other file formats with the built-in audio converter
– receive and send email to any account using a personal account, an IMAP account or a pop3 account
– copy and compress files without opening a new program
– quickly edit and modify all fonts in a simple way
– manage pictures files with its specific tools
– view and export all pictures from a photo album to a directory or to a file
– install and uninstall software and configure system settings from within the application
– draw and edit shapes on the screen using the canvas tool, drawing tools and drawing tools
– drag and drop files and folders from the left panel into the program
– create, browse, search, view and copy files and folders from a removable medium in one step
– view and export the file attributes and properties of all files
– save your files using one of the

System Requirements:

* Processor: 2.6 GHz or faster processor
* Memory: 2 GB RAM
* DirectX: Version 11
* Storage: 30 GB available space
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