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Word 2007 macro for webinars for focus groups

Anyone has a new year resolution to work out? Try Focusing – Improve Focus and Concentration and reduce your stress.
With a series of tips and tricks, you can improve your focus, concentration and reduce stress. This brief course will cover the following topics:

– How to achieve regular, sustained focus and concentration – Your list of “focus triggers” – Motivating and reasoning behind your focus – The importance of having a quiet working environment – How to achieve uninterrupted work – How to deal with interruptions – Preventing “brainstorms” in the middle of your work-out – Utilizing visualization and other mental strategies

What is WebEx?
WebEx is a scalable application-hosting platform that enables unlimited users to share content, discuss business concepts and collaborate on projects from any
computer, anywhere. WebEx also lets you connect to your meeting and voice your presentation in real time.

This course will show you how to use the WebEx tools and features in Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010.Q:

How to show user logo in the Admin area of Bluemix

In my current application I am using a custom admin page where I am showing some links/texts for the admin user to edit/view/change some settings and also I have added a logo as header in the admin page.
I am using the custom admin design for my mobile application. I am showing the logo as header in the admin page using this code.

In the CDN_LOGO is set to images/logo.png
But when I login from mobile device (android) I am getting the app logo as header but when admin user login I am getting the custom logo as header.
How to show my custom logo in the mobile app login as well as in the admin area login?


The MediaWiki API will tell you the source of the requested page:
With curl:
curl -s ” | grep Response|tail -n1

In your case the response would have something like:

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Automatically captures and saves the desktop screen as either a file or into screencast movie.

Windows 7 – free trial of software system autorun to be registered and activated.
The trial version of ActiveWin7 does not include certain features and additional security functions of the commercial product.
ActiveWin7 is a free Autorun-registration tool, that protects your PC from online-threats.
ActiveWin7 shows and protects the currently opened windows / services of the PC. If you’re accessing a suspicious website with Internet Explorer or another window, ActiveWin7 will inform you.
ActiveWin7 can also protect your files, on Windows Explorer.
Click on the win7 autorun link to download the trial version of ActiveWin7.

Our testing software is a free open source trial of our software. It may not include all the features of our commercial product. In other words, it is not a full version of our software and may have limitations, reduced functionalities or where applicable, upgraded versions will not be included. Therefore, an activation license is required to use all the features and functionality of our software.

ActiveWin 7 Free trial is not an exact copy of ActiveWin 7. It is a free trial version of our software. It may not have all features of our commercial product.

How do you introduce yourself to our friends?

We know our friends love to hear what we have been up to. So we decided that sharing a personal story about who we are is a great way to connect. In our daily work, we go by a number of titles: designers, developers, writers, project managers, social media experts, entrepreneurs and more. Read more about us >>Q: & zigbee2mqtt : variable not defined

I’m running zigbee2mqtt for a IOT project and for a socket connection to devices.
In that two aplications, I need that the device will send data periodically to the server. In this case, I need a ajax connection to the server, in order to get data from devices in real-time. I make this here:
var Socket = {

connection : null,
io : null,

connect : function (a){

var a = a || $.ajax({
dataType : ‘json’,
type :

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A Windows utility which allows you to set up the program for the automatic capturing of the desktop screen. It supports the saving of screenshots automatically and the use of the images you want to keep.
The application allows you to configure settings for the program automatically start, the frequency of the screen recording, the duration of capturing, the output path and the appropriate image formats for the screenshots.
TW-AutoScreenshot integrates well with Windows 7 and can be set to capture the screen while working in the background or after the user has been inactive for a while. The program does not consume resources, since it starts automatically at every Windows startup and doesn’t take part in system functions. You can assign a shortcut to manually capture the desktop screen at any moment.
To set up the program, you only have to select the screen capture location, select the settings you need to have in the background and set the shortcut for capturing the screen.
If you need to monitor a screen performance while working in the background, you should use TW-AutoScreenshot. It gives you instant access to the captured screen information, as well as the possibility to organize the screenshot files.
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That file description is automatically generated from the file’s file size. If it differs from the one you uploaded, make sure the former one is correct.
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What’s New in the?

TW-AutoScreenshot is an intuitive and approachable software utility for Windows users, which can be set to automatically capture the screen while working in the background. For example, you can use it to monitor the activity of a program performing a time-consuming task when planning to leave the workstation unattended.
Quick setup and user-friendly GUI
The installation procedure is a fast and easy job which does not need special attention. As for the interface, TW-AutoScreenshot adopts a normal window with a plain and simple structure, which provides direct access to all available options.
Easily configure settings to capture the screen
It is possible to establish the output path for saved screenshots, pick the preferred image extension (default is JPG), indicate the frame grabbing frequency (in seconds), as well as configure a simple shortcut for manually capturing the screen.
TW-AutoScreenshot supports multiple languages and can be set to run at every Windows startup until further notice. In other to run the tool, you have to click a button to start its service. While it’s taking snaphots, TW-AutoScreenshot hides from the taskbar or notifications area. Evidently, all images are taken in full screen mode.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not come across any issues in our tests, since TW-AutoScreenshot did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time to commands and worked well in our tests, without hanging, crashing or popping up error messages. CPU and RAM consumption is low, so it does not affect the overall performance of the computer.
To sum it up, TW-AutoScreenshot is not particularly resourceful in its feature set, but the tool provides users of any experience level with a simple and effective means of silently monitoring the desktop activity to capture the screen.

Wow! very hard to explain, but I can think of no other way to describe it. I have used TotalWatcher, this program is just better, very fast, and you can set intervals to check your desktop for “x” amount of time. The program is all about that. It is not a fancy program, but a simple and easy to use program.

The program automatically detects and saves screenshots of a screen that has a specified window. Moreover, it can start automatically if the window appears after you double-click the program. When you double-click it, you will find a window with an icon with a gear and an arrow on the upper left corner of the window.

System Requirements:

Oculus Rift HMD or HTC Vive HD or PlayStation VR — Rift S
Oculus Touch controllers ( 1 per player )
Move controllers ( 1 per player )
Rival’s King Arthur Pendragon collection ( DCUO: Curse of the Pendragon )
25GB free disk space
DirectX 11 minimum, DX12 recommended
Video driver update required
Steam account (free at
Microsoft Windows operating system
1. Install Steam and download Rival’s King Arthur Pend