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I followed these steps to install inventor but the software doesn’t open.
Its worked good on windows 10
How to install autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 License Free
autodesk inventor professional 2018
autodesk inventor professional 2018
inventor professional 2018 Download
autodesk inventor professional 2018

I have windows 8.1 and its working good.


Today, both of these resources helped me to install Autodesk Inventor 2018,

Now, Inventor 2018 can be properly installed in windows 8.1 or windows 10.
No reboot required
Hope this will helps to someone.

Public speaking anxiety in asthmatic patients.
To determine the prevalence and the correlates of speech anxiety in asthmatic patients. A questionnaire was administered to 21 asthmatic patients and 5 healthy controls. The major part of the questionnaire was based on the speech anxiety scale by Trapp (1980). A speech therapist was requested to evaluate the level of anxiety on a scale ranging from 1 (no anxiety) to 4 (severe anxiety). Fifty-six percent of the asthmatics scored as having a significant level of speech anxiety. The main characteristic of speech anxiety in asthmatics was the fear of forgetting words, forgetting phrases or sentences, having nervous gestures, being interrupted during speaking, blushing when someone looks at them during speaking or being unable to control coughing. Anxiety was not linked to the level of control on the disease and a history of speech pathology in childhood. A lack of knowledge about asthma was associated with a high level of speech anxiety. The results suggest that speech anxiety in asthmatic patients is multifactorial and related to the disease and the patient’s knowledge about asthma. Speech anxiety may be considered as part of asthmatic patients’ care and management.Q:

PayPal Mobile SDK “Nesting” Help

I have created PayPal mobile sdk with single sandbox account and I have read that nested account can be created but I could not find any resources on how can I create PayPal sdk with nested account where I have four different companies?
I have created PayPal sdk with REST and client sdk with HTTP Live, but in HTTP Live I


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