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JavaScript workable solution for transactions of a web form

I have a web page with a HTML form for filling in my data. (No Ajax or Web Service involved)
What’s a good way to log the fields if the form is submitted, and prevent duplicates?
Is it viable to pass the values as a hidden field and allow the form to be submitted, to “see” what was added?
Or is that too bad and must it be a real transaction, by editing the values of two related servers (edited on server 2 if edited on server 1).
Any ideas?


To answer your questions:

yes, it is viable to pass values as a hidden input field and allow the form to be submitted.
yes, it is best to have a real transaction and not rely on javascript to prevent duplicate submissions.

There are also other options as well:

database locks can be set up for individual forms, or forms can be set up to use update and delete operations and a table can be created that locks rows based on a combination of the data being submitted and the time stamp of the request.
you can use ajax to post the form and create a token (without the user’s data) based on the input values on the server. Then, when the user submits the form, you can actually post the whole form (and not do the update or delete operations) if the values match (and you check for the token).
you can use web sockets to allow the server to send a message back when the user has submitted the form. On the client, you would then handle the web socket interaction to post the form with ajax and only actually submit the form if the socket interaction was successful. The real advantage to web sockets here is that you can use it to allow the client to post the form even if the user is not connected.

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