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Motile bacteria swim towards regions of high chemical concentrations and move in clusters; it is known that alignment of bacterial clusters is caused by chemotaxis. However, it is also possible that bacterial clusters form spontaneously, while the migration rate of bacteria within such clusters is neither limited nor directional. In the present work, a theoretical model for the orientation of magnetotactic bacteria is developed. It is shown that, in the absence of sustained gradients, the orientation of a population of aligned cells cannot be attributed to chemotaxis alone. The critical volume fraction, below which bacteria are randomly oriented, increases with their inverse characteristic length and exhibits a power-law scaling. A comparison with recent experimental data for the migration of magnetotactic bacteria in the north-south orientation shows that such a natural clustering mechanism may be dominant for a very wide range of bacterial parameters.Spontaneous vergence eye movement: comparison of horizontal and vertical vergence.
The aim of the present study is to investigate the differences in natural horizontal and vertical vergence dynamics. We studied 17 healthy subjects by measuring the spontaneous horizontal and vertical vergence in six gaze orientations, and comparing the results with those of a previous study of resting, spontaneous vergence. The results of this study show that horizontal vergence velocity during spontaneous eye-closure is larger than vertical vergence velocity in the same range of head yaw and pitch. Both horizontal and vertical horizontal vergence velocity is significantly higher at larger gaze orientation. The results also suggest a relationship between horizontal and vertical vergence velocity that reflects an inverse relation between the velocity of horizontal and vertical vergence movements during spontaneous eye-closure.1.


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