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Atomix Virtual Dj 5.2 Full Version Free Download [CRACKED]

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Atomix Virtual Dj 5.2 Full Version Free Download


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Playback: Two time-stretched playback modes mean you can listen to a song as it’s being recorded, or replay your files at 2x speed or even faster.
The new ID3 and Genius search engines make finding songs that much easier.

The effects section is where most users can really shine, putting on their own cool look and feel for their performance. Check out the new Giga Bass Vibe and the fun Bass Boost Vibe.
Create videos and DVDs where the quality is only limited by your imagination.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro 5 lets you use music theory and modern creativity to transform your tracks into new and exciting effects.
Tune your tracks to the pitch accurately with Realtime Pitch Detection.

DJ Tools
With the new DJ Tools, you can create amazing effects, but also build a new track in seconds. Whether you like the soft, pink, acoustic strings on your song, or you want to turn it into a sci-fi rockin’ ballad, you can now do it all.

With the new Song Browser, you can build a complete music collection with the song titles, as well as the instruments the songs feature.

The new playlist feature lets you organize your songs into playlists, where you can create your own mixtapes. Now you can take your entire library and quickly create playlists and play it back like a DJ.

With the new Track Editor, you can cut, copy, paste, and select tracks, move them around, flip them, mute them, put them on loop, and even combine them into a single track.PinkNews Exclusive

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