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Unikont is a clade of eukaryotes within the eukaryotic supergroup Opisthokonts. It consists of the two supergroups Fungi (ascomycota and basidiomycota) and Excavata (as far as the alveolates, apicomplexa and dinoflagellates). It is currently defined by two genome-scale phylogenomic analyses of eukaryotes.


Category:Tree of Life (biology)[Juvenile Paget’s disease].
A case of juvenile Paget’s disease is described. The disease, rarely seen in the paediatric age, is characterized by an asymptomatic skeletal involvement secondary to an intrinsic osteoclasia. The physiopathology is essentially haematological. The frequent development of secondary lesions must be taken into account and lead to diagnostic difficulties. The evolution of the disease depends on factors such as hormonal supply, etiopathogenesis, and course.Management of infection in the anorectal region.
Anorectal infection, also known as complex abscess, is a major complication of sphincter repair, its incidence ranging between 10 and 15 per cent. Sponges and the mucosa of the vaginal vault, urethra, and bladder are the commonest source of infection. The diagnosis of anorectal infection is usually clinical and laboratory evaluation. The goals of therapy are to eradicate the infectious process, repair the injured sphincter muscle, prevent recurrent infection, and relieve symptoms.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to the field of moisture sensor devices, and more specifically to the field of moisture sensor devices for vehicle and domestic use.
2. Description of the Prior Art
In our society, there are numerous uses for water sensing devices to determine the amount of water present in a particular environment. Where the environment is where water is present in high quantities, such as in a vehicle, the amount of water present is most often determined through the use of a water leak sensor. On the other hand, if the environment is where water is in lesser quantities, such as in homes or in other environments, the water present may be monitored by the use of a moisture sensor device.
The present invention provides an improved moisture sensor device which has the ability to provide a visual indication of the


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Home PageFinal Plot (American TV series)

Final Plot is a horror anthology television series that aired on HBO from 2001 to 2005. Each episode has a different ending, each one set in a different location. Each episode is written by a different person and directed by others, some of the episodes were written by Ted Tally, the creator of Dark Skies and X-Files: Trust No One.

A series logo appears and then a few minutes later an image of the world fades in. Then the episode title appears and goes to an extreme close up of an eyeball with static video. The opening theme was performed by the band Power Quest.


Season 1 (2001)

Season 2 (2002–03)

Season 3 (2003)

Season 4 (2004)

Season 5 (2005)

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Category:Fantasy anthology television seriesYeast as a model system for the study of tumor necrosis factor.
One of the most important clinical consequences of infection with the opportunistic pathogen Candida albicans is the induction of septic shock, caused by the massive release of the proinflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF). To understand better the molecular mechanisms of TNF-induced damage, a number of high-copy plasmids that direct the overexpression of defined C. albicans genes or genes of C. albicans and Escherichia coli have been constructed. In addition, the capacity of a large-scale screening method to identify genes that are required for TNF-induced damage is described.Influence of pregnancy outcomes on serum fibronectin in women with hypertensive disorders and intrauterine growth restriction.
To investigate the correlations between changes in serum fibronectin (FN) levels and adverse pregnancy outcomes in women with hypertensive disorders and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). This study included a total of 138 women, with 57 cases of hypertensive disorders, 40 cases of IUGR, and 41 controls. All of the participants’ gestational ages were confirmed by ultrasonography. FN levels were evaluated by enzyme