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Fireweb Crack Registration Code [Mac/Win] (Updated 2022)

Fireweb aims to offer users a simplistic, yet fast web browser that enables them to quickly navigate to any webpage.
Fireweb emphasis on speed rather than looks. Therefore, it comes with a simple interface that only comprises the navigation buttons and the address bar, enabling you to browse the Web without having to deal with complicated menus and configuration options.







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Fireweb is a lightning fast, modular and feature packed web browser with a customisable interface.
There are few things Fireweb cannot do, web browsing with respect to your web browser should be simple and easy. Fireweb aims to be that browser.
Fireweb Features:
– Even if you are connected to the internet, Fireweb does not automatically start.
– When you start Firefox, or restart it, Fireweb is disabled by default.
– The first time you use Fireweb, Fireweb will generate a user profile that you can use on all your computers.
– All the pages you have visited with Firefox, are saved in your profile for you to view at any time.
– You can customise the location of your profile folder and the profile name.
– No bookmarks are displayed in the profile of Fireweb.
– The profiles list in the main interface is a link to your profile folder.
– The pages you have visited with Firefox, are saved in your profile for you to view at any time.
– The main profile interface has links to your profile folder.
– The address bar is the only thing that is changing when you switch between profiles.
– All of your options can be customised.
– You can customise the navigation buttons and the search field.
– You can search the internet by typing in the address bar.
– You can bookmark pages.
– You can customise your menu order.
– You can customise the size of the text in the web pages.
– Your profile can be synced with your other computers.
– Your selected profile can be opened automatically the first time you start Firefox on a new computer.
– When you add a link to a new profile, the link does not change if you select another profile.
– You can install extensions.
– When installing extensions, all the settings can be customised.
– All of your options can be customised.
– You can easily add and remove extensions from the main profile interface.
– You can jump to your profile.
– Your profile can be opened automatically the first time you start Firefox on a new computer.
– You can bookmark pages.
– You can customise your menu order.
– You can customise the size of the text in the web pages.
– You can have one window with Fireweb open for all your profiles.
– You can lock the position of your profile windows when you navigate through

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Fireweb is an intelligent browser that enables you to easily navigate to any web page that you desire. It features features such as Tab Swapping, the Auto-Complete Search Bar, Multi-Gigabit downloads and more.
Fireweb is still in the early phases of development, which is why it is free to download and gives you 15 days of free use.
The latest version of the browser, which has even more features, is available for download.
Download Fireweb Browser
What’s New in Fireweb Browser
Fireweb Browser is faster, more secure and a better desktop alternative than any other browser. It is one of the few free browsers to do so. It is available for free for Windows and Mac OS X.
Fireweb Browser Features:
Tab Swapping Tab Swapping is a new feature in Fireweb, which means that, unlike other browsers, it uses the same tab bar for all the websites you visit. What does this mean? You can easily change from one website to another as easily as changing between tabbed windows in Microsoft Windows.
Tab Swapping: After opening a webpage, it is not necessary to go through a process of searching for your bookmarks, or reloading the page, to visit another one. This process is a hassle if you are browsing many webpages at the same time. With Tab Swapping, you don’t have to reload the page, instead, you simply click on the tab with the website you want to visit, and the other tabs will be hidden.
Auto-Complete Search Bar: This feature is similar to that of the Google Search Bar, and also serves as a faster way to type in a search query.
SpellCheck: Like Windows XP’s Spelling Tool, this helps you to highlight the errors in your text. There is also an option to switch off spell checking if you so wish.
Auto-Updates: The browser will automatically check for updates whenever there is one available for it.
User-Defined Filters: This feature allows you to set up your own rules for displaying certain elements on the web page. For instance, you can set up filters that hide ads, images, flash movies, or even disables javascript support. This feature is useful if you do not want the website to automatically load or display content that you do not wish to see.
History: This feature creates a list of the web pages you have visited in your browser and puts them in order of date. This is a

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*Quickly browses the Web
*Minimal configuration required
*Pop-ups, sound & animations can be disabled
*Uses the render engine of IE7
*Built-in flash support

Fireweb Features:

*Simple: Designed for ease of use
*Lightweight: A lightweight browser, less than 1MB in size
*Shortcuts: Jump directly to most frequently used Web pages
*Faster: Provides better performance on slow internet connections
*Pop-ups, sound & animations can be disabled: These settings are included by default and disable these in an easy to use interface
*Uses the render engine of IE7: This allows it to use Internet Explorer’s rendering engine, resulting in richer looking HTML pages.
*Built-in flash support: Includes the latest Flash features available
*Compatibility: Simpler navigations that are compatible with IE8
*Windows Mobile integration: Provides faster access to your favorite pages

It’s definitely not a feature packed browser, but in such a small package it does its job quite well.

It also comes with a nice feature called “Quicklinks” that allows you to assign a hotkey to a number of links, which will then show you the option to select the link, ie. links such as can be associated with “P” (no hotkey for “p” will show up).

This is a nice feature, the only downside is that it’s not compatible with older browsers such as IE6.

Finally, it’s also fast, as these two screenshots show, it only takes a couple of seconds to load the webpage “”

Available in [SUMMARY_SITE]/features






Fireweb is definitely easy to use, having a simple interface. It is simple to navigate and load, even if you’re not used to browsing the Web, the functions are easy to navigate and there are no hidden settings, meaning you can browse the Web immediately.

Fireweb is also fast, and as it uses the render engine of IE7 it will load pages a bit quicker, however, the main advantage of Fireweb is that it is highly compatible with other browsers, so

What’s New In?

» Simple
» Fast
» Saved passwords
» Lightning fast Javascript engine
» Suggest websites
» Using on mobile as well as PC
» Also works in the real-time
» Fireweb is also a Web Server, so you can use it for Web Development!


・ All required files must be unzipped before using.
・ User will need to download the tab widget to their homescreen.
・ Email autoreply is not working in the WordPress version.
・ YouTube backgrounds are not working in the WordPress version.
・ You cannot play Flash content in the mobile version.
・ It will ask to update the software each time you restart the device.
・ It may not work in the settings dialog.
Download a free demo here:
Or get the full app at the AppStore:
Or the PlayStore:
Languages : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Hungarian, Russian.
The free version only allows Internet access, but the Pro version allows access to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
Fireweb 9.8.4 build 1803 firefox firewebT Hacked.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or newer
Memory: 128 MB (256 MB recommended)
Video: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 128 MB or greater video memory and support for Pixel Shader 2.0
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with support for Stereo/Multi-channel playback.
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card driver
Hard Drive: 1 GB for the install file and 5 GB for save games
P2P: Peer-to