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Category:Single-player video gamesLovelock’s theory of earth-helium volcanism

A model of an earth-helium volcanic eruption

Dr Arthur Lovelock – an English physicist and chemist – developed a theory that the molecular structure of the earth is such that it traps a large amount of heat and that the heat is released to support the earth’s existence.

The theory was published in 1951 – 18 years before the discovery of the greenhouse effect – and over the years it has been used to support a number of other important breakthroughs, including the theory of climate change.

Lovelock also proposed that life arose from a symbiotic relationship between carbon based organisms and iron based micro-organisms. His work on this part of the theory was published in the book Gaia – A New Look At Life On Earth.

As far as whether we have actually detected a trace of life on Mars, it would be impossible to say. That is what the research is currently focussing on. But one thing is certain, The Curiosity Rover has found a new environment to continue investigating.

What is the greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that sees heat trapped in an atmosphere by greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases are naturally occurring gases in the atmosphere that help regulate temperature on earth. They include water vapour, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Earth is kept warm because the heat is trapped by these gases.

The greenhouse gases do not allow light to escape and hence block what would otherwise be a cooling force from escaping into space.

This phenomenon becomes more pronounced when there is a lot of liquid water on earth. As liquid water is important for life to survive, the greenhouse effect on earth supports life.

Earth can reach temperatures of well above zero degrees Celsius in summer, and below zero degrees Celsius in winter, when it is covered by ice.

But as the earth receives more solar radiation, the water vapour in the atmosphere increases.

This is due to a series of complex chemical reactions occurring in the atmosphere.


Oct 25, 2010
Grand Theft Auto IV Download GTA IV Crack Library Patch 1.01 File Size 904Mb Cracked Game for Windows the file is so large,for me to download it was taking a very long time,i needed to search the web to find where i can
Jun 11, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions. The game that I downloaded came with the 1.03 patch already installed.
Update #2: I went through the guide you provided, successfully patched the game and then started the game. I’m stuck at the loading screen and have already waited 30 minutes for the game to load. Please help!
May 22, 2011
Following the guide listed here, I followed the steps through and patched my game using the title rar and the name gta iv-manual rar. After downloading the patch file, I did not choose to install the patch, but to open. When i did that, i immediately closed the program. When i opened the game, it had patched itself with a f2 prompt in between and a unknown error started poping up. I made a clean profile, and that did not fix anything. I have a console gta iv running on my computer, and i have been running gta iv all the time, but i get the same f2 prompt and unknown error.
Can someone please help me out? I have almost been on this game for 10 hours now and i cannot get passed the f2 prompt, which i cannot even shut down. I have been close to formatting my computer. Any help is appreciated.
April 13, 2011
Some people are saying that GTA IV can be patched but this patch is incompatible with the retail version of the game so if you’re running retail then this will not work. I would personally say that is complete false information. the file can be extracted so you can run the gta ivgame.exe but here is a link to the patch which was created specifically to patch the retail version of the game. Note there is no need to download the patched rar file if you have the retail version of the game. If you already have the patched file downloaded you can extract the patch directly from the rar archive by double clicking on it. the patch is quite small and won’t take up much space so this should not be a problem.
If you’re running a retail version of the game the files are gta ivx86-v1.02.mpq and gta iv