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A semi-biographical account of Ip Man, the first martial artist to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun.
Chao Chai said that the nature of mastery in all five styles and methods of fighting is one, that it does not make sense to divide it into five. Outlining his philosophical understanding of the art of Wing Chow and Wing Chun, he added:
– “Way of the Warrior” is not only five styles, it is also the principles of combat, and approaches to the treatment of diseases.
The semi-biographical book of Ip Man, a martial arts teacher and a very famous person in the field of medicine, is a collection of classical works on medicine dating from the Han and Song dynasties (3rd – 7th centuries). The book consists of 4 parts:
1.\\tHistory of the development of medicine in China.
2.\\tLife and health.
3.\\tFundamentals of medicine.
4.\\tFight disease in various occasions of life.
The book consists of 64 chapters and is divided into 11 volumes. Its length ranges from 12 to 252 pages.

The book reveals the principles that have always guided Chinese medicine.The first part outlines the basic principles of the philosophical consciousness of a person who knows the nature of life and his own body, illustrated by stories from the life of Chinese sages.
The second part of the book reveals the history of the origin of Chinese medicine and an attempt to adapt it to the needs of that time. The philosophy of medicine is based on communication between the doctor and the patient.
The third part is devoted to nutrition, with a detailed description of how to prepare food, nutrition during training and eating in various life situations. On the pages of the book you will learn about various methods of cooking and fresh fruits and vegetables, how to cook soups, main courses, desserts, pastries, drinks.
No less significant are the illustrations that illustrate the principles of nutrition. Special attention in the book is paid to the issues of getting rid of bad habits – smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs, which in our time become the cause of many diseases and often prevent patients from achieving recovery.
The fourth part is devoted to the treatment of the most common diseases: infections of the upper respiratory tract, oncology, diseases of the heart and vascular system, nervous disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Particular attention is paid to alternative medicine, which effectively treats diseases, causing particular interest among patients and doctors.
The methods of treatment described in the book have been tested in practice, adopted by the hospital