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One Full Movie, Following his son’s suggestion, a video game designer creates an action game where the villain has artificial intelligence and .
This movie successfully recreated the feel of the game, and because it kept exposition to a minimum of what you .
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Dispatcher for.NET scripting mode.

This class is intended to be used internally by the OpenFL native
class NetScriptHandler
Return the name of a class that is to be loaded as a “script”.

import mx.controls.Alert;

var alert:Alert = new Alert();

function onAlert(e:String)
trace(“A message was received: ” + e);
@:throws(“Unbound function or access to an undefined object”)
public function createAScriptClass(func:Dynamic):Dynamic
return Dynamic.ctor({name:”com.yourDomain.MyAlert”, prototype:new Class({staticMembers:{c:func}, instanceMembers:{onAlert:onAlert}})} as Dynamic);

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