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Using Safeip VPN can keep all your Internet traffic secure.
Contact Customer Support – If you need help setting up your VPN or have any technical issues with SafeIP.
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Know your limits: Download the free version and limit your VPN to certain IPs and locations.
Only $2.99 to upgrade to the pro version.
Use multiple VPN accounts with your router.
If you use the router browser to visit a website, and set the browser to use your VPN account, you will be able to browse the website from anywhere in the world.
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Download SafeIP and browse the internet securely.
Use the SafeIP VPN for your iOS or Android device.
To get started using SafeIP, you need to download the free VPN app for your Windows or Mac operating system.
Use Safeip VPN to keep your Internet traffic safe from hackers and third parties.
The use of SafeIP is easy, thanks to the free online VPN software.
No download, no installation required.
You can browse the internet safely without fear of spying on your IP address.
Choose any of the countries and locations around the world that you want to use, and you will be able to securely connect to a VPN server in that location.
It’s available in more than 90 countries and locations.
Anything, anywhere in the world.
You can use a range of different IP addresses, and you’ll be able to change the locations as often as you like.
Choose the IP addresses that you want to use from the list.
This will protect your online identity and will let you access websites and web services that you may otherwise have difficulty accessing if you don’t have a VPN connection.
Each VPN account is linked to a unique email address which you can use to sign up with.
You’ll also get a unique password for each account that you use.
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SafeIP is a computer program that can be used to avoid any errors in your web browser when you use it, or all sites you visit from now on. .
You can configure the program via a graphical interface and select only the proxy IP addresses you want the program to use. .
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What is cool in SafeIP is that the application can easily work, and was designed with the user in mind. Just remember that it is better to use a VPN like NetFlix.
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SafeIP is more than a VPN