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ShareAlarmPro Crack [Win/Mac] [2022-Latest]

ShareAlarm is a small and portable software application that pops up notifications every time a remote computer attempts to access your shared folders. It targets all types of users, regardless of their skill level.
Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can simply drop the executable file anywhere on the hard drive and run it.
As an alternative, you can save ShareAlarm to a USB flash drive or similar removable device, and run it on any computer without installing anything beforehand.
What should be mentioned is that Windows Registry does not get entry updates, and files are not left behind on the hard drive when removing the tool.
The interface of ShareAlarm is based on a standard window with a well-organized layout, where you can view the name, user name, path and operating system for each workstation that's trying to get a glimpse of your shared folders.
You can select a WAV or MP3 file from the computer to assign it as a sound notifier, as well as test the alarm and stop it. In addition, you can block a workstation's access through the context menu, create a black list, as well as close a session.
ShareAlarm barely uses CPU and system memory, so it doesn't burden the computer's overall performance. It has a good response time and works fine, without making the operating system hang, crash or pop up error dialogs; we haven't encountered any issues in our tests.
On the downside, the program has not been updated for a very long time, hence it is not supported by newer operating systems. Other than that, ShareAlarm can be seamlessly handled, even by inexperienced users.







ShareAlarmPro License Key Full

ShareAlarmPro is a great solution to protect your shared folders and prevent unwanted accesses.
It monitors network traffic and shares when it detects a user reaching into the shared folders.
The most notable aspect of ShareAlarmPro is a unique notification system – the program lets you monitor the activity of the remote computer and setup a custom message for each new activity.
The most flexible, secure and compatible network monitoring tool around.
A network monitoring solution for any home or professional environment.
ShareAlarmPro can protect your local network and its valuable files from unauthorized access.
The application runs in the background and has its own notification system.
The program will keep you updated and up-to-date with the latest activity.
Monitor computer activity via SNMP.
Create an unrestricted access.
Set custom notifications for each activity.
The program is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.
A small, portable and easy-to-use program that is easy to install and manage.
Use the program from any Windows OS, PC, laptop, tablet or phone.
How to Crack or Setup ShareAlarmPro?
Download the original file from the links below, save it on your desktop and then double click to run the setup file. Please follow all instructions for your proper setup.
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ShareAlarmPro Crack [Updated]

ShareAlarmPro Crack Mac is a simple and efficient tool for monitoring shared folders on your network. It displays all the information of shared folders, including username, path, and operating system, in a user-friendly window. You can easily activate and deactivate sharing, block access, and play sound through the context menu. You can also choose to play a built-in MP3 file, or a WAV file from the computer.
ShareAlarmPro provides two free alternatives for the Windows 7 detection: one is an interactive system tray window, the other is a small software that saves the information of files shared by your network.
System tray window:
With ShareAlarmPro you can display the list of shared folders on the network through the system tray icon, providing you with an overview of the shared content of your network. The interface is very simple and intuitive.
When you start ShareAlarmPro and click on its icon, you’ll see the following screen:

In the main area, you can see the file name, the path, the username and operating system of each shared folder. Click on a file name to view its properties. You can also choose the date in which you want to view information for that file. You can also filter the list of shared folders by the value of username, type of host operating system, and filter by the level of sharing.
When you select a shared folder and click on the options button, a different context menu will appear, giving you access to configuration features:

Black list:
You can block access to a shared folder by a workstation. If a workstation attempts to access a black list folder, the ShareAlarmPro program generates a notification sound, without the need to open the file.
You can block an entire group of workstations by clicking on the “Show Blacklist” link. To create a blacklist, simply click on the button:

Logoff by time:
You can also log off the workstations from your network using ShareAlarmPro. Simply specify the time interval and choose from one of the workstations present on your network.
Attention: Please note that you must manually choose the time interval in your computer, and not just be guided through a series of time-based operations.
File picker:
When working with files shared by a remote computer, you can choose whether you want ShareAlarmPro to ask the user for permission, or simply block access. Simply click on the button:

ShareAlarmPro Crack [32|64bit] [Latest 2022]

ShareAlarm Pro is a very advanced version of ShareAlarm with a lot of additional features. This version enhances ShareAlarm’s functionality and enables it to meet all the needs of sophisticated IT and IT managers. It includes the following new features:
* Our Smart Notification Manager (SNM): it enables you to create a customizable notification system – when a condition is met it alerts you via e-mail or text message. You may even configure notifications for each computer separately. SNM allows you to use any sort of data as a notification trigger. This also includes the use of CGI scripts or any other back-end software that provides user-friendly and clear notifications in automated mode.
* Our ShareManager utility, which lets you manage any share defined in Windows Explorer.
* Our Share Enumerator utility, which lets you enumerate the existing shares (and their parameters) on a specified computer (with their owner)
* Our Full Control Wizard: lets you allow a specified user to perform Full Control actions over a specified share (including to add a specified user to the local administrators group).
* Our Console utility: Provides a flexible console that allows you to perform various actions against shares, including user creation/deletion, enabling/disabling public/private shares and defining different local/remote usernames, and to apply the settings in a share/user context.
* Our AutoSave utility: allows you to store a share’s password to a file, and to load the share’s password at any time.
* Our Remote Connect utility: allows you to connect to a remote PC using a specified protocol (either TCP/IP or SMB/CIFS) and define a user and password, and to disconnect automatically after a specific time of activity.
* Our Live-Update utility: enables you to configure automatic update checks for specified shares – you just specify the share’s file share, a frequency, and the checks are initiated.
* Our Group Password Manager utility: allows you to manage the passwords of a specified group of users. It gives you a lot of configuration options, for instance you may enable a password for the members of a group that’s created manually, or let the password expire based on a specified time. It also allows you to set up passwords on a user-by-user basis.
* Our Share Enumeration utility: allows you to enumerate the existing shares on a specified computer, with their owner, and their parameters.
* Our Peer-To-Peer

What’s New in the?

ShareAlarmPro is a compact and widely customizable software that can be used to protect confidential information stored on shared folders.
Upon installation, it displays a friendly main window featuring file version checking, a network tree viewer and a tray icon for system notification when network session is disconnected and/or session is opened. A custom notification sound can be assigned to the alarm, as well as the alarm volume.
When opened, ShareAlarmPro displays a two-pane main window. The first shows a customized tree view, which includes the name and user name of every file and folder that’s trying to access the shared folders. As you hover over any file or folder, its version number is displayed in the bottom panel and a tooltip is displayed, describing the file’s properties.
On the right panel, a section with a series of check boxes is displayed. Some of these are:
Block specific remote file access (by name or IP address), block all remote access, set a file or folder to be hidden from everyone.
The second pane of the window features a small toolbar to perform various functions that have been designed for specific situations. The toolbar includes a context menu, an open/save file dialogs, a tick check box to hide/reveal the window, as well as a tooltip that’s displayed when you hover over any item.
File and folder locking feature, which prevents remote access to the folder(s) in question, usage filter settings, ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button for updating the list of files and folders that are being scanned, and a ‘Monitor’ button for running an independent continuous scan of all shared folders.
ShareAlarmPro comes with an extensive set of advanced filter options that can be applied for targeted folder/file selection. You can select specific folders, file/folder types, file/folder date/time stamps, file/folder attributes, file/folder sizes and file/folder language/encoding.
Once the filters have been applied, a ‘Run’ button is displayed, allowing you to quickly run an advanced scan and export results, as well as the created share folder/file shadow copy.
The functionality of ShareAlarmPro has been made accessible via a series of context menus and command line parameters, so you can use it with full flexibility.
For instance, running the program with the following parameters:
/block=HR-S-C:* /block=HR-S-R:* /block=HR-S-F:* /un

System Requirements For ShareAlarmPro:

Legal Disclaimer:
Bethesda Softworks is making this Software available free of charge, but it is not to be resold or redistributed. This game is not endorsed, sponsored, supported, affiliated, or in any way associated with the Bethesda Softworks or The Elder Scrolls® series of games, including but not limited to, The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Dishonored, and Fallout®.
3, 1.7 GHz Dual Core Processor
OS X 10.8 or later
Internet Connection
Screen Resolution