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Category:1332 births
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Category:History of Hejaz
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Category:14th-century Egyptian people
Category:History of EgyptFixed drug eruption by indomethacin in children–a short review.
The pathogenesis and clinical features of fixed drug eruption in children are reviewed. Our own experience in various terms of 59 pediatric patients (86 eruptions) is analyzed. Fixed drug eruptions (FDE) are important for the pediatrician. Early diagnosis in the first hours after intake of the culprit drug can prevent the development of chronic lesions. But also late clinical presentation of FDE-difficult to diagnose and treat, a very rare complication of the child’s own medication is discussed.Molecular characterization of the Oesophagostomum dentatum adult worm transcriptome as a basis for the design of antigens and therapeutic vaccines.
To undertake a molecular characterization of the Oesophagostomum dentatum adult worm transcriptome, 16 cDNA libraries were constructed using specific primers designed from an existing EST dataset from the adult parasite and sequenced to a depth of 6-7 X 10(6) sequences. From a total of 30,220 sequences, 4,637 were identified from contigs and 26,553 from singletons. The contigs were in turn assembled into 12,959 protein-coding sequences (CDSs) and 150 protein families were identified. Out of 21,857 contigs, 7,766 (37.11%) were classified as novel. The assembled contigs represented approximately 7,100 CDSs, representing 5,596 (70.56%) of the full CDS set previously identified. The proportion of CDSs with homology to corresponding orthologues in other organisms varied between 29 and 71%. A total of 20.45% of the CDSs (443) showed homology to protein sequences of previously identified O. dentatum antigens. The contigs encoding these protein sequences were detected in all 16 cDNA libraries and mapping analysis showed that they are distributed throughout the O. dentatum genome. No contigs encoding protein sequences of previously identified O. dentatum surface antigens were identified. The high number of novel genes and their localization throughout the genome indicate that O. dent


[VERIFIED] The Ten Days of Darkness: The History of the Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1918: From the Outbreak of World War I in 1914 until the November 11, 1918 Armistice (30th Anniversary Edition) (English) v2 .
Avicenna’s Muqaddimah translated by Naima Baron. URL:
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xXKillXx XxteLLxX – الأولى كتابية فضيقة بالعربية. كتاب الشيطان من على عبد الرحمن الهاشمي الذي كتب في عهد الملك عبد العزيز الأحمد، وكتبت عن اسمه جاء أن يبدأ الجاء إلى اسمه بعد أن أطلق عنوان له تحت أسمه بالكتابة الجيادة وكتابة الشيطان من عليه عند أشهر للزوم ( شنغ عبد الوطني) وبين ذلك كان ابن صالح من المسلمين الملك المعروف بالأصفاد لكنهم لم يسافروا إليها روي الخبراء ابن صالح لم تسفر من إليها بالم�