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A porting effort is a series of steps intended to port a library from an
operating system to another. While porting is an expensive and potentially
frustrating effort, there are many advantages for commercial programs. Portability
is one such advantage: you should be able to run your application on any
operating system.
In order to port a program, we need to interface the program to the new
operating system. One way of doing this is to provide a set of libraries and
tools that are directly usable by the programmer. For example, the standard
library for UNIX operating systems comes with a number of functions that the
programmer can use.
For the purpose of this paper, we will be looking at porting UNIX
programs. To achieve this, we will need to convert a large number of
platform-specific UNIX functions to calls to the corresponding library functions
in the new operating system. In this paper, we will look at the process of
developing such a library in UNIX. The processes we will examine include:
Writing the code for new functions
Generating a call graph from an ABI
Developing a library
Writing an interface with modules
Defining the API and declaring the
ABI for a set of functions
Developing an example application
Please read ULIB porting_is_easy.ipynb

How to write a complete C++ program in 10 minutes
Computer programming is the art of problem solving with the help of compiler. Writing a program means writing a sequence of instructions in a language called programming language. The process of solving the problem in a program is called programming.
However, the term programming is also used to define a skill which is needed to read & understand the program developed by the programmer. For example, it is a programmer who can code a program in C or who can read the code written by another programmer.
In this exercise, we’ll learn about all the seven main parts of a computer program. We’ll try to write a complete program in 10 minutes.
This would improve your programming skills. If you’re learning to program, you’ll definitely learn a lot from this.
Please read How to write a complete C++ program in 10 minutes

An Algorithm or A Computational Complexity Analysis?
There are two main challenges when it comes to algorithm development

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The goal of ULIB is to provide useful tools for solving practical problems in C/C++ programming. Starting with an efficient hash table, it is possible to implement other useful data structures. In recent years, ULIB has become a very useful library.
You need to follow a few simple steps to obtain a precompiled binary to install or to use ULIB with any compiler:
1. Download the ZIP file of the latest release from
2. Unpack the compressed archive using the tar tool
3. To install ULIB, type’make install’ in the uncompressed archive
4. Go to the directory where the’make install’ was performed. From there, you can access the ULIB manual and its examples.#ifndef MQTTDEBUG_HPP


struct MqttDebugData
std::string mq_topic;
std::string mq_payload;
std::string mqtt_topic;
std::string mqtt_payload;
std::string mqtt_qos;
std::string mqtt_retain;
std::string mqtt_dup;
std::string mqtt_srv;
std::string mqtt_resp_code;
std::string mqtt_resp_status;
std::string mqtt_resp_reason;
std::string mqtt_resp_reason_text;
std::string mqtt_resp_reason_qos;
std::string mqtt_uri;
std::string mqtt_prm;
std::string mqtt_pub_name;
std::string mqtt_data;

namespace MQTTdebug
std::string mqtt_payload_str(uint8_t length, uint8_t type, uint8_t num_cp_bits, uint8_t sink_bits, uint8_

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ULIB contains a collection of useful C/C++ tools and libraries which mostly aims for a better performance of C/C++ programming.
Based on an incremental philosophy, its development is continuous and robust. Also, ULIB is strictly maintained, and then regularly tuned and tested by users with extremely different needs.
· Various effective and light-weight hash functions.
· A parallel file processing system which effectively accelerates file processing.
· A fast bitmap, this is faster than the STL version.
· A bloom filter.
· A binary search algorithm, this is faster than the STL version.
· A list sorting algorithm, this is faster than the STL version.
· A heap and the corresponding sorting algorithm, this is faster than the STL version.
· A partition algorithm, this partitions an array into three parts = K, O(1) complexity.
· A collection of fast hash functions for various data types.
· A collection of faster and more elegant C and C++ algorithms (including hashing).
· An efficient hashing scheme – AlignHashing.
· A simple doubly linked list, this can also be used as queue and stack.
· A collection of string utilities.
· A collection of bit operation hacks.
· A collection of fast string utilities.
· A full featured timer.
· A shell and combination enumerator.
· A collection of C/C++ standard library functions.
· A collection of C/C++ standard libraries.
· A collection of useful C/C++ templates for using with C/C++, C#, Java and other languages.
· A collection of useful C/C++ macros for writing C programs in a language-independent fashion.
· A collection of useful C/C++ libraries for using with C/C++, C#, Java and other languages.
· A collection of useful C/C++ mathematical functions.
· A collection of useful string processing utilities.
· A collection of useful memory utilities.
· A collection of useful collections, such as set and map.
· A collection of useful string utilities, including primitives for parallel file processing.
· A collection of useful C/C++ standard libraries.
· A set of C/C++ standard library.
· A collection of effective and light-weight data structures, such as hash table and linked list.
· A collection of useful C/C++ standard library functions.

What’s New In?

This project is a fast, efficient and portable set of C library components.
Highlights of ULIB are:
· C/C++ implementations using the C99 standard library.
· All components are statically linked (i.e., no external libraries required), therefore, ULIB is small and portable.
· Performance tests suggest that ULIB is about 10x more efficient than STL, which is a common standard for C/C++ libraries.
· ULIB’s vector and hash container is 5x more efficient than the one from STL.
· A common interface allows users to port ULIB’s components with a few line of code into the operating system’s memory allocation logic.
· All components of ULIB are thoroughly tested with a wide variety of applications.
· All components of ULIB are copyright and not public domain, making it compliant with the standard library and compatible with popular licenses.

GenomeWalker. sourceforge Repository Tree
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System Requirements For ULIB:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 1.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6150/AMD 8600/Radeon HD 4870
Hard Drive: 3.0 GB available space
Additional Notes: 1024×768 and 800×600 are supported, depending on your monitor/videocard settings.
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 1.6 GHz Quad Core
Memory: 2 GB