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Using the Verbs M-Z application you will be able to to teach your children the basic English verbs with great ease and having fun.









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Learning the main verbs of a language is easy when you use the “Chamber of Phrases” method that teaches the usage of Verb agreement to remember or reinforce verbs.
You will find this method in the “Express Yourself” (LEGO) and “M-Z” (YOUR LIQUID FINGER) programs.
Learn Verbs M-Z Description:

A combination of verbs and multiplication facts creates a fun way to teach your child basic multiplication. With a parent guide there is a total of 250 multiplication equations to practice with.
This program is made up of a multiplication table on the front and a cover page for you to help you keep track of it all. Additional bonus material included that will make learning fun!
The M-Z Time application is a program designed to help your child master times tables in their own home. The program is designed so your child will be able to practice with their own tablets.
After the basic times tables are learned it will take them to a quiz page to test their knowledge of the tables. If they do well enough they can then start building their skills with a list of timestamps to practice with.
M-Z Time is a fun way for children to learn to master times tables in their own home and a perfect extra tool for the parent who teaches their child to read.

M-Z Time Application Description:

The M-Z Time program can be used to help children learn to master times tables. You can also choose to have the actual times tables on the tablet for your child to study at home or go to school.
The M-Z Time application was designed with simplicity in mind. You select a number of times tables to work on and the app will help you by creating a small list of times tables with the table number and the corresponding time needed to be taught, giving you a good basis for choosing which table to start with.
The M-Z Time application will show the pre-set times tables on the home page in a list format and you can select the ones you want to work on.
You can click on the list of times tables to have it open in a player window. Then your children can practice the times tables on their own in a fun way with the times table table on the app.
The pre-set times tables will be chosen for each child based on the age of the child and the educational level you select for each of your children.


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Your children will learn the verb while playing Verbs M-Z with their friends! Learn basic verb conjugations with the games interactive guide. There are lots of fun and challenging games and your children will enjoy playing Verbs M-Z game. The virtual interactive teacher, Ms. Lola will teach your children the correct verb conjugation with the help of the game.

High quality games but also offers 10 in 1 language learning applications. It’s interesting to use for learning new words. Contains sample sentences which can be studied to learn the meanings of the words used

Gladman’s Dictionary – online dictionaries and other tools for students and teachers. An affordable way to study, write and translate languages. Word-by-word entries. Order online or download as a Palm file

Improves your score on your english exams and job interviews. Test your vocabulary, grammar, spelling and comprehension. Test yourself. Take your test now. Free test is available.

It’s great for learning. You can study words, conjugations and test yourself. Play the games and have fun learning.

Language Games For Kids AllIn One App

Teach your children to speak and understand English. Tests can be taken and kept to study later on. This app contains games and lessons that are specifically designed for your children to learn at their own pace.

Language Grammar for Kids

Lets your children learn new English words and grammar. Test the words and grammar.

Let your children practice speaking through a wide range of fun and interactive games and activities

Make learning an enjoyable experience through games and lessons

Teach your children words, spelling and basic grammar

Get professional advice and support from a qualified teacher or tutor

Adapt to students needs with fast and easy updates and back-up

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Verbs U Crack+ With License Key

Verbs is the most popular mobile game, allowing you to learn the British English verbs by using your iPhone/iPod touch.
The application is designed to help your child learn verb skills, with each game having a choice of 30 verbs to select from. You can choose the difficulty level.
*English verbs are of two types: 6 irregular verbs and 6 regular verbs. 6 Irregular verbs includes “catch” verb, “hate” verb, “need” verb, “want” verb, “sink” verb and “dream” verb.
*We divide the instruction to three sections: a) Learn Verb Concept; b) Vocabulary and Grammar; c) Text and Vocabulary.
*You can play through the three sections and answer the questions to learn the verbs.
*You also can share your scores on Facebook.
*Note that this game is designed for children only. And you’ll want to make sure you have a data plan when using this application.
*You can also share your scores to your family and friends, using the links you will see after you’ve finished the game.
*If you download this application, you will be able to teach the basic English verbs to your child using it.
*Verbs U will improve your child’s vocabulary and education.
*Thank you for your interest.

You can play online at (look for “English Vocabulary and Grammar”) or download the app from the iPhone iTunes store at $3.99!

The ABC Action: Get ready for homework action and practice your English with the ABC Apps!
Your ABC Action: Get ready for homework action and practice your English with the ABC Apps!
The ABC Action gives your child a fun and effective way to learn the English alphabet, numbers, and simple concepts.
– The ABC Action uses the “Find my ABC” feature in iPhone and iPod touch to make learning ABC fun and easy. Each time you turn off your device, the letter (letter, number, or word) will appear and disappear.
– This wonderful app has amazing graphics.
– 3 fun learning modes: 1) ABC Action and 2) ABC Practice. Practice mode provides you a chance to learn the ABC principles and letter names.
– The ABC Action provides you with a game-like experience. The game changes according to the number of letters the user has found.
– Features:
?? Find my

What’s New in the Verbs U?

The Verbs M-Z – is an application designed to help you learn the 54 most used verbs in English. So, you don’t have to struggle to remember the names of those verbs. They are all gathered here and organized for you to be able to find them easily.
Using the Vocabulary Builder you will be able to practice different tenses of each verb. You can choose to practice the present, the past, the future, the near future, the past perfect and the progressive.
Each verb has two tenses: the first one will have the main form of the verb, and the second one will have the irregular form.
You will also be able to practice thousands of English verb forms, including: passé simple, perfect, apocope, stress, etc.
The verb table will also have the conjugations and the required endings of those verbs.
All the words gathered here in this application are taken from the following websites:

The Verbs application is a comprehensive application that contains all the most used verbs in English. So, you don’t have to struggle to remember the names of those verbs. They are all gathered here and organized for you to be able to find them easily.

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System Requirements For Verbs U:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Hard Drive: 50 GB free space
HDD: DVD-ROM drive
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Processor