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Low and high mitotic indexes (MI) were evaluated in 53 metastatic melanomas including 23 primary, 17 dermal and nine lymph node metastases. The overall concordance of MI between primary, dermal and lymph node metastases was low (72%). Although dermal and lymph node metastases shared a similar MI, a consistent correlation was not observed between the dermal and lymph node MI (r = 0.25). A high dermal MI was more commonly found in primary melanomas than in dermal metastases (p less than 0.002). A higher dermal than lymph node MI was more commonly associated with age greater than 50 years (p less than 0.04). Dermal MI alone did not accurately predict prognosis in any patient group. An MI greater than 1.0/mm2 was associated with a significantly shorter survival in patients in all disease stage groups. This was also true when combining all prognostic factors.



You can simply use this too

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VSCode – TypeScript: How to convert int to string?

I am using TypeScript in VSCode and I would like to replace all occurrences of int to string.
I am using this, but it looks like it doesn’t work, are there alternatives?
“formatDocument”: “markdown”,
“theme”: “material”,
“emmetAdditionalSnippets”: [
“patterns”: [

“json.schemas.enable”: true,
“typescript.format.enable”: false


Turning comments into answers, for posterity:
To convert:
myNumberAsInt: typeof myNumberAsInt === ‘number’
? myNumberAsInt + myNumberAsInt + 1
: myNumberAsInt.toString();

To use it:
myNumberAsInt: typeof myNumberAsInt === ‘number’
? parseInt(myNumberAsInt, 10) + parseInt(myNumberAsInt, 10) + 1
: String(myNumberAsInt);

Or if you prefer:
myNumberAsInt: typeof myNumberAsInt === ‘number’
? parseInt(myNumberAsInt, 10) + parseInt(myNumberAsInt, 10) + 1
: (myNumberAsInt as unknown as number).toString();

The relationship between the redox process and freezing phenomenon in the stability of thymol: a comparative study on freeze-drying and spray-drying.
The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between the redox process and freezing phenomenon in the stability of thymol. For this purpose, different parameters such as the pH, the redox potential and the freezing process were considered. The influence of these