Aperitivi in Musica

Music, Art and Taste at the Museum

Both a cultural and convivial moment, during which music is paired with rich flavours and people can enjoy themselves in an experience that satisfies all senses.


Music and tastiness are the ingredients of Aperitivi in Musica, light and transversal events where people can listen to high quality music and enjoy tasting finger food appetisers at the end of the concerts.


Of course, everything is designed to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The events are on Sundays at 11am in the splendid setting of the church of Santa Caterina (Treviso), which also hosts the Civic Museums. These concerts are not only focussed on music, but, instead, blend with figurative arts, poetry and dancing in order to arouse a heterogeneous audience.


Still, Aperitivi in Musica is so much more: it is an opportunity to collaborate with the Conservatives and to offer young musicians a prestigious stage to showcase their skills.