Pagine d'Organo®

International Organ Music Festival

Now in its 13th edition, Pagine d’Organo, the International Organ Music Festival organized by Fondazione Antiqua Vox, is today an important point of reference for lovers of the organ and its music which attracts an ever-growing audience each year.


Enhancing the extraordinary organic heritage of the city and province of Treviso, as well as promoting the vast organ repertoire is a primary objective of Antiqua Vox.


Pagine d’Organo 2024 presents some news and a rich program of concerts that will see internationally renowned musicians among the performers.


After a very recent maintenance work promoted by Antiqua Vox, the wonderful instrument in German-Baroque style of the church of Santa Bona, built by Franz Zanin (1988), becomes one of the organs of the Festival. The audience will then be able to listen to the large baroque-style organ of the Church of San Giuseppe (Dell ‘Orto and Lanzini 1990), the French-Symphonic style organ of the parish church of Salgareda (Andrea Zeni 1999), the historical Nacchini (1750) of the Auditorium Church of Santa Croce, a jewel of the eighteenth-century Venetian organ school, the Italian-Renaissance style organ of the church of Santa Caterina (Francesco Zanin 1998) and the precious nineteenth-century organ of the Church of San Cassiano of Quinto di Treviso (De Lorenzi 1865).


The introduction to Pagine d’Organo, with an extensive description of the organs and interpreters, will take place in the church of Santa Caterina. There will be a special space dedicated to explaining the complex functioning of the organ and a moment of interaction with the public who can ask questions and have clarification.


The opening concert, dedicated to J.S. Bach as usual, will be entrusted to Matthias Havinga, a fine Dutch musician of great renown who will perform on the organ of San Giuseppe.


The second concert will star Simone Vebber, a talented Italian organist who will offer music of French romanticism accompanied by improvisations on themes suggested by the audience on the organ of Salgareda.


After the presentation of the restoration of the seventeenth-century canvas depicting Sant’Onofrio, attributed to the Spanish painter Jusepe Ribera, at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, there will be a concert of Italian and Spanish music dating back to the time when the author of the painting held by the Spanish specialist Andrés Cea Galan at the organ of Santa Caterina lived.


The fourth concert, presented in the splendid setting of the Auditorium Church of Santa Croce by early music experts Johannes Strobl and Hans Jörg Mammel, will focus on sacred music for voice and organ of the European Baroque. The next event will be held in Quinto di Treviso, where the brilliant organist Marco Ruggeri will let the audience listen to a programme of nineteenth-century Italian music.


Lastly, in Santa Bona, the famous German organist Wolfgang Zerer will end the Festival by remembering his Maestro Michael Radulescu, a giant among organists, performers and composers, who recently passed away.





Sunday 11 February 2024, h 5:00 p.m.

Treviso, Santa Caterina Church

Introduction to the Festival “Pagine d’Organo” 2024

Presentations by:

Massimiliano Raschietti, Artistic Director



Sunday 18 February 2024, h 5:30 p.m.*

Treviso, San Giuseppe Church

Johann Sebastian Bach: un genio rimasto uomo

Matthias Havinga

Dell’Orto and Lanzini organ, 1990



Sunday 25 February 2024, h 5:30 p.m.*

Salgareda (TV), parish church of San Michele Arcangelo

L’École de Paris

Simone Vebber

Andrea Zeni organ, 1999



Sunday 10 March, h 3:30 p.m.

Treviso, Santa Maria Maggiore Church

Presentation of the restoration of the “Sant’Onofrio” canva painted by Jusepe Ribera

Presentations by:

Franco Moro, Art Critic

Don Poalo Barbisan, Director of the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese Treviso

Francesca Faleschini, Restorer 



Sunday 10 March 2024, h 5:30 p.m.*

Treviso, Santa Caterina Church

La musica al tempo di Jusepe Ribera

Andres Cea Galán

Francesco Zanin organ, 1998



Sunday 17 March 2024, h 5:30 p.m.*

Treviso, Auditorium Chiesa di Santa Croce

Suoni e colori del barocco

Hans Jörg Mammel, Tenor

Johannes Strobl, Organ

Pietro Nacchini organ, 1750



Sunday 24 March 2024, h 5:30 p.m.*

Quinto di Treviso, San Cassiano Church

Romantico, all’italiana

Marco Ruggeri                   

G.B. De Lorenzi organ, 1865



Friday 5 April 2024, h 8:30 p.m.*

Treviso, Santa Bona Church

Allievi e Maestri

Wolfgang Zerer

Franz Zanin organ, 1988

In memory of Michael Radulescu



*The introduction to the listening of the concerts by Massimiliano Raschietti starts half an hour before


Free entry with free donation