Pagine d'Organo®

International Organ Music Festival

Pagine d’Organo® is an International Festival that brings the best talents to the stage, not only young established organists but also great performers on the international scene, to enhance and make known the pipe organ.



The numerous historical and recently built organs inspired by the most important European organ schools enrich Treviso and its province: a showcase of some of the most precious instruments of Northern Italy.



The majestic Francesco Zanin organ (1998), in Italian Renaissance style, housed in the Church of Santa Caterina; the Dell’Orto and Lanzini organ (1990), ideal for Bach’s music and the Baroque-French repertoire of the Church of San Giuseppe; the precious and oldest organ of Treviso built by the famous Venetian organ builder Pietro Nacchini (1750) of the Auditorium Chiesa di Santa Croce; the organ in French-symphonic style Andrea Zeni (1999) of the parish church of Salgareda (TV) and, finally, a gem of Lombard organ art, the nineteenth-century Serassi (1858) optimal for the Italian opera music of the Church of Sant ‘ Augustine.



A heritage of organ-building art, an expression of the aesthetic taste of different eras, which, thanks to the richness of tonal nuances and the peculiar characters of each instrument, allows you to better appreciate the beauty of music.



The peculiarity and beauty of this Festival is that the concerts are designed to bring the public closer to the organ and the organist and also for this reason projected on a clearly visible large screen.



Before each concert, at 5 pm, Massimiliano Raschietti, artistic director of the festival, illustrates the tonal characteristics of the organ and introduces listening to the pieces on the program.



In addition, at the end of the concert, it is possible to participate in a guided tour of the instrument: an unmissable opportunity to discover a complex but little known, and therefore even more fascinating, musical machine.