Dreaming a World full of Music

Even a little help can help to build a better society

Be part of a Beauty project. Become the protagonists of a story to tell.

Fondazione Antiqua Vox® wishes to share the dream of a world of music and charm. Because this is the mission to which we dedicate ourselves with passion and enthusiasm.


Thanks to your support and your trust, Antiqua Vox® has been passionately organizing concerts and events to promote good music, inviting internationally renowned musicians and young talents from the European music scene.


We take care of ancient musical instruments, and in particular pipe organs, to give them a voice, giving them back to the territory and people describing, with art and effort, a place where it is beautiful to live. Together with our musicians, but also the sponsors and supporters, we write pages that tell history, culture, emotions.


Support the activities Antiqua Vox®:


  • make a donation, IBAN: IT 95 D 02008 61940 000105218764


  • dedicate some of your free time as a volunteer