International Organ, Harpsichord and Early Music Academy

The Alte Vie Barocche in Val di Zoldo will be dedicated to the repertoire of the 17th and 18th century, with a new formula for instrumentalists, singers, ensembles, with focus on the organ and harpsichord art of Frescobaldi.


Amidst the Dolomites Mountains, in an area surrounded by enchanting villages such as the Val di Zoldo, lies Fornesighe, a little mountain village, where time stopped. This is where Fondazione Cariverona, Antiqua Vox® e Circolo Culturale Bellunese are proposing a new musical initiative, to be paired up with the Festival “Arte e Musica tra Pelmo e Civetta”.


Maestro Andrea Marcon will offer participants his forty-year experience as an organist, harpsichordist and conductor. Participation to the Masterclass is free of charge. The weekly schedule includes six hours of daily lessons aiming to discover what is often hidden and secret in ancient scores. The days will end with ad-lib performances for all participants. This opportunity offers a new way to listen and dialogue thanks to the beauty of the Dolomite mountains and the evocative silence of the Val di Zoldo.