Restituire Bellezza®

Bringing ancient instruments and thier music back to life



Taking care of ancient instruments means taking care of beauty, which is why Antiqua Vox® constantly invests in the recovery and enhancement of those musical instruments that would otherwise risk being lost.


The collaboration with the Civic Museums of Treviso goes in this direction: in fact, the commitment of Antiqua Vox® has already made it possible to recover two precious ancient musical instruments from the Lattes collection: the precious ancient harpsichord by Mattia De Gand and the cello attributed to Gasparo da Salò (1540-1609), bringing them back to their original splendour. Needless to say, the commitment of Antiqua Vox® does not stop there: it continues on this path to build a section of historical instruments inside the museum.


The recovery project continued with the restoration of the Joachim Ehlers fortepiano of 1816, a precious and rare instrument, as only seven tail instruments by Joachim Ehlers are currently known and they are held in private collections or in international museums.


Of course, recoveries go hand in hand with organ maintenance and tuning; these are two fundamental tasks if you want to achieve a sound that can conquer not only the ears, but also the soul of the audience.


Restituire Bellezza® also offers concerts dedicated to ancient instruments and their music. Thanks to them, internationally renowned soloists and ensembles perform to give great emotions and give the sounds of the past a new life in the present.