Baroquip, Laboratorio Giovanile Barocco

Baroquip®, Laboratorio Giovanile Barocco stems from Antiqua Vox®’s will of creating a collaboration amongst young musicians that may favour their professional development as well as personal growth.


Having young musicians at the project’s core, Baroquip®, Laboratorio Giovanile Barocco is an educational path to deepening their knowledge of Baroque music and its instruments, to refining their experience of it through orchestral practice, and, last but not least, to growing on a personal level.

The orchestral workshop is composed of young musicians and students attending higher level Conservatory courses, and is under the guidance of violinist Massimiliano Simonetto. Moreover, all didactic and artistic preparation, as well as group work, include seminars, which are regularly held by internationally renowned musicians to give participants the opportunity to meet and measure themselves with great professionals.

Baroquip® is not focussed on musical education alone: particular attention is dedicated to group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, concentration and relaxation techniques. Since there can be no professional growth without personal growth.