Progetto scuola

Discovering the pipe organ

A project conceived to bring the world of the pipe organ to primary and secondary schools, because young people today will become the musicians of tomorrow.


It is never too early to learn about the organ. Progetto Scuola is, thus, aimed at primary and secondary school students, in order to introduce them to this wonderful work of art through a teaching approach which combines theory and practice.


Classes are in fact concert-lessons held by organists who not only illustrate the instrument’s timbre possibilities but also its mechanics. The auditory experience goes hand in hand with the visual one, so pupils have the opportunity of literally going inside of the organ and its mechanisms: they are able to discover its architectural grandeur, appreciate its technical complexity and admire the mastery with which it is constructed. In short, they are given the possibility of experiencing firsthand the soul of an instrument that has conquered the hearts of the greatest musicians of all times.